Difference between artificial leather upholstery and natural leather upholstery

Leather upholstery as soon as you hear these words, the only thing that comes to mind is stylish, elegant leather chairs, sofas, and loveseats –a sofa which never ages a chair which is still used in your home since last decade. Leather is a fabric that instantly adds luxurious vibes to the item and immediately enhances the room’s positive features. If we are given the opportunity, we always equate it with the best quality, style, and durability. Leather is used for upholstery since the beginning of its never-ending features and easy access. With technology, innovations, and lots of variations, you may find two types of leather upholsteries in market

One of the natural leather that comes from animal skins (not everyone is happy with its source).

The second faux or artificial leather comes from PVC or other materials (not animals, of course).

Although the two look the same yet there are many differences other than their nature of the source. Here are a few differences between artificial leather upholstery and natural leather upholstery:


Natural Upholstery:

No one can compete with natural leather in durability. Natural leather lasts longer than expected when it is properly maintained. It remains usable and looks like new for a longer period. The durability and long life depend on the high quality of natural leather – more high quality means more long life. You can bet on high-quality leather sofa durability for a long time and win easily.

Faux/artificial leather Upholstery:

Faux leather is not up to the mark when it talks about the durability. The highest quality faux leather does not ensure long life, and I can be damaged easily.


Natural Leather:

Natural leather needs easy cleaning daily, but maintenance is a little higher than the other fabric types. It does not get damaged easily, but if it does, you may need expensive maintenance.

Artificial leather upholstery:

faux leather is easy to maintain, and you may not need time to time oil polish treatment to keep it look new.


Natural leather upholstery:

Natural leather gives you a definite signature classy look. A little change in the style of upholstery will turn your room into a modern one. Elegance leather provides natural and unbeatable.

Artificial leather:

Artificial leather upholstery is available in many colors, and you can choose according to your color scheme and match or contrast wisely with your interiors and decorations. But it does not provide the elegance and signature style as the natural one does.


Natural Leather:

Natural leather is an expensive fabric as compared to many other fabrics. It is made from animal skin, and for better quality, the more prices you pay.

Artificial leather:

Faux leather is very cheap, and you can buy twice artificial leather products at the price of one natural leather sofa.

Let’s wrap it up:

Both Natural and artificial leather upholstery have their differences. It depends on the buyer’s needs. Choose the one according to the tour needs to enjoy the best possible results under your budget.