What to do after a rideshare accident?

Nowadays, more and more people are using shared-cab services. There are many smartphone apps that help users find a vehicle that they can share without taking too many different routes. The passengers always outline the advantages. They find the service to be cheaper than other options, and they can meet new people and chat during the trip, they get to their destination faster than with other shared services.

The road, however, is a shared space too. Other drivers are there using the same space and coordination does not always end up right. Car accidents can happen at any time, regardless of the number of passengers. After there is a car accident, the individual that was involved have to follow a series of steps to determine liability, compensation and what the result would be

First steps after a rideshare accident

If you have been involved in a car accident while using a rideshare service, there are several things to remember.

  1. Safety first

Right after the accident, the first thing to do would be to check if you are ok. Don’t panic and check if you feel fine or not; if you have any injuries or feel sick, you have to wait for help. A doctor or a medical member has to help you and check on you. If you are well, you can check on other people and ask for help if someone needs it.

  1. Take pictures of what happened

An image is worth more than a thousand words. In case of an accident, it is very important to have a record of the events. Pictures are great for this because they can easily show people what really happened, memories can be tricky and oral retelling can also be easily modified. One of the best ways to keep evidence of what the events were is with pictures. Remember to make copies and keep a file for your lawyer.

  1. Exchange information with the other parties involved

All the people involved in a rideshare accident have to be able to reach each other. It is very important to call them if legal action is going to take place. So, if it is possible to ask for their contact information and save it. This information can be sensitive so be sure just to disclose it with your legal representative. Professionals know how to handle this information with care, you can learn more about this particular topic with the lawyers of Krasney Law, for instance. Certain legal procedures have to be presented by a third party all the time.

  1. Trust your lawyer

Once you have chosen the professional lawyer that is going to help you in the pursuit of your case, you have to trust them. When the accident involves many parties, like in a rideshare accident, it is easy to leave some loose ends. But, with a trained attorney the steps are going to be followed correctly, and you will get the correct compensation for health costs and damages.

Choosing the lawyer that is going to represent you is very important. Don’t go for the first firm you found or the most expensive one. Try to talk to some different law firms so as to find the one that suits your case best. It is also important to feel comfortable at a personal level. Mainly because you will talk and share with this lawyer for a while, if everything goes well, it will be a short while.

These car accidents are more common than you may think. These drivers are exposed to the same risks than anyone else on the road. Distractions, red lights, text messages; the causes behind a car accident remain the same. This is why it is important to have a lawyer that represents your interests. It is uncertain how soon or how often their services will be required.

Hope you found in this article some useful information for your search, there are many nuances that cannot be explained in just one go. It is advisable to continue reading and looking for different sources of information regarding this issue in order to have a broader perspective on the matter.