Tips to make your security cameras hack-proof

The crime rate across the world has been rising at a very fast pace. People therefore cannot just depend only on the cops. Residents have thus become even more precarious and have taken several steps to avoid any potential crime. One common step is to install security cameras, which can easily spot any unwanted person in your neighborhood. But with the increasing number of cameras being used, there is a pretty good chance of these cameras getting hacked. Criminals can, in fact, use these security cameras against you, if they are able to hack them. We shall thus, see how we can make these security cameras, hack-proof.

  • A strong password

This sounds obvious but people do keep extremely easy passwords and this is where the robbers get an edge. One needs to make sure that the password, at the time of setting up the camera, is not just strong, but also unique. A stronger password will help your system become hack-proof.

  • Turning off remote monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your house when you are out. This can also be used against you because if your password is not strong enough, and the cameras get hacked, the thieves can keep an eye on your house and know when you are not home.

  • Updated camera firmware

The firmware of your security camera needs to be regularly updated to fix bugs, fix other issues, and improve product performance. A bug or an unsolved issue can make your system susceptible to unwanted breaches. Home security camera manufacturers often provide periodic services to fix such bugs. So make sure that you update the firmware of your security camera.

  • Securing a home wireless network

Securing the wifi, on which the security cameras work, is rather an obvious idea. It is common knowledge that using strong passwords help you avoid unwanted breaches. But what could further be done is that you could put your security camera on a separate, single network. Isolating the cameras to a single network wouldn’t let the robbers gain access to other devices, even if the cameras are compromised. Furthermore, you can also make use of a VPN, to regulate which device of yours would be accessing the network of the security cameras. It thus acts as a solid firewall between the internet and your devices. 


Protection of the security cameras is thus extremely important as the hack vulnerability is too high due to the level of technology available today.