Why Is It Essential To Have A Vignette For YouTube Videos?

We, who work with content, know the importance of introducing any material, right? Think of it as the ladder on the slide! You go up and from there decide if it’s worth – or not – going down on the adventure. You can also buy YouTube subscribers

For Videos, This Is No Different.

The YouTube video vignette should be taken seriously as it shows how careful and professional a brand was in producing the material. In addition to reflecting the company’s personality and introducing the subject of the video, of course.

And There’s A Science Behind Creating A Good Video Vignette.

As shorter videos are preferred on YouTube (up to 2 minutes), an objective and brief vignette – without frufruction and too many special effects – is ideal. One more point in favor of professionals and new brands in this mission. The recommended time is up to five seconds, but the less time you spend on the vignette, the more time you’ll have to provide valuable content.

The Elements That Make Up A Vignette

To start creating a vignette for your specific channel or playlist, you need to know its essentials.

Some are indispensable, such as:

  • Colors associated with the brand, product, service, or campaign;
  • Brief lettering with the theme of the video, campaign name, or whatever the content’s value proposition is.
  • Brand logo: which may not be a priority in the opening itself, is included at the end or during the content;
  • Marquee effects: which can be pretty easy to apply with specific tools;
  • Illustrative image: little used since the video content generates its value.

Tips For Creating A Good Vignette

Some crucial points in the construction of the vignette for YouTube videos are:

  • Respect the suggested time of up to five seconds for the vignette, but whenever possible, reduce it;
  • Consider the visual identity of the project or brand to help your audience recognize the content;
  • Use the vignette to present what the following video is about, being true to the promise of the content;
  • Less is more, exceptionally when resources are constrained;
  • Continuously improve: your first vignette may not be the coolest or prettiest. The important thing is not to give up or settle down. After all, practice makes perfect – or better delivery;
  • Don’t forget the indicated image size, which is 1280 x 720 pixels.