7 Foods You Can Only Find In Bandung

Bandung City is famous since the weekend-getaway alternate for Jakarta individuals. The town is known to be a location for fashion shopping along with its distinctive cuisine. The meals in Bandung are diverse, from raw components into cooked meals, from bites to heavy foods that may be found nowhere else. You might discover a few of the dishes in different towns, but if you would like to taste the first edition, you need to arrive at the capital city of West Java.

Prepare your stomach for all these distinctive cuisines next time you visit The Flower City:

  1. Peuyeum

Peuyeum is Sundanese for tape singkong or “fermented cassava” generated from cassava and the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. It’s a favorite food, particularly in the Purwakarta and Subang region, West Java, but most men and women today understand it to emerge in Bandung. Peuyeum could be eaten as many processed foods: fritter, soda cake, popsicles, colenak, blended fruit desserts like Es Goyobod or even Es Podeng, and many more. Colenak is broiled peuyeum topped with brown sugar caramel and coconut oil.

  1. Oncom

Oncom is also West Javanese food that’s a product of fungi fermentation. The practice resembles tempeh. However, oncom is directed following the spora is shaped, whereas the procedure for tempeh fermentation is halted until the spora is shaped. The reddish oncom is created from a soybean oilcake, although the dark one is made from a peanut oilcake. Usually oncom is absorbed as fritterchips, combro, or pepes (steamed oncom in banana leaf). Combro is an abbreviation of Oncom Di Jero (oncom indoors ), where the oncom and chili are stuffed to a cassava batter then fried as a bite.

  1. Lalapan and Leunca

It’s commonly-known which Sundanese folks enjoy eating their steamed rice with raw veggies, known as lalap or even lalapan. It usually comprises raw cabbage, pineapple, tomato, leunca green leaves like ginger, and cassava leaves. Leunca is the title of a cherry-like sour vegetable-fruit. Leunca could be eaten cooked or raw using oncom and seasoning to create Ulukutek Leunca (ulukutek signifies remaining at home since the recipe has been incidentally created at the house).

  1. Nasi Timbel

Nasi timbel is white rice wrapped in banana leaves wrapping. The odor in the warm steamy rice that’s touched with banana foliage is very distinctive and flavorful. Nasi timbel has been served with components like fried chicken, empal (fried meat), salted fish, fried tempeh, grilled broccoli, lalapan, and berry condiment created out of terasi (shrimp paste). It’s also good to be consumed using Sayur Asem. Nasi timbel is readily available to the hawker food vendor on the roads or at Sundanese restaurants. Our favorite is Kedai Timbel Dago, Nasi Timbel Jl. Mangga, Nasi Timbel Jl. Bawean, also Nasi Timbel Istiqomah Jl. Ciliwung.

  1. Nasi Bakar

Nasi bakar is a byproduct of nasi timbel growth. It may be cooked by massaging the wrapped plain nasi timbel or mixing the rice ingredients and seasoning until it’s wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on gas flame. The components are often poultry or sterile fish, using pieces of coriander leaves and red chili to improve the aroma. Unfortunately, the foliage wrapping isn’t edible. Nasi bakar is readily available to hawker food vendors on the roads or at Sundanese restaurants.

  1. Nasi Tutug Oncom

Nasi Tutug Oncom is just another version of rice Bandung. The rice has been cooked using oncom and cikur (Kaempferia galanga, called kencur or lavender ginger), along with a bit of tapioca using it. The rice is grilled and served with fried chicken, salted fish, lalapan, and wheat condiment. Nasi tutug oncom is generally marketed in Sundanese restaurants.

  1. Yamien

If it comes in noodles, Bandung provides another style. The noodle is thin and white and functioned separated by the soup. Yamien may be served sweet (manis) or sour (asin), based on the soy sauce that has been inserted into it. The noodle consists of grated chicken, leek, lettuce, and chicken claw crackers using added cooked wonton or meatballs. Variation to yamien is yahun, that can be bihun (rice vermicelli) cooked in precisely exactly the same manner. Yamien are available readily on hawker food vendors on roads.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.