Ways Your Brand Can Benefit from Lookalike Audiences

What are Lookalike Audiences?

Based on certain categorised criteria, a lookalike audience is a replica of a current set of prospects or customers who currently interact with you. For instance, your lookalike audience will include people who have your interests if your sector consists of dog owners who enjoy frisbee golf and are between the ages of 18 and 30. Do you need women who enjoy knitting, jewellery making, and Christmas shopping for the grandchildren? Facebook can build a specific audience for you, no problem.

If correctly utilised, lookalike audiences are immensely beneficial for marketing. Facebook selects folks who most closely resemble your followers when building a lookalike audience that mirrors your own brand. As a result, your lookalike audience may ultimately include recurrent visitors who have shown no sign of interest. The UI UX course in Mumbai allows you to segment your audience, which is highly crucial for knowing your audience’s desires and catering to them, developing good relationships with your brand and company and you will also be able to work on client projects in the best Digital Marketing agency in Mumbai. Your audience has to grow as time goes on in order to locate new targets. This makes it possible for your lookalike audience to deteriorate over time and have a negative impact on your KPIs, so you’ll need to adopt a more planned strategy.

Having a consistent influx of new visitors to your page is the greatest method to capitalise on the first, most lucrative stages of lookalike audiences. This generates additional data, which in turn causes changes in your lookalike audience. As a result, your adverts continue to be relevant and reach new consumers.

Developing Genuine Lookalikes for your Brand

The greatest method to expand is to give lookalike algorithms real data since your followers’ traits and interests are what your lookalike audiences are made up of. Uploading your own complete client lists and selecting strategic segmentation, which divides your lists into distinct categories based on spending and purchasing behaviours, are two excellent methods to do this.

Update your customer lists by uploading them.

Lists of your satisfied, loyal consumers are in your shopping cart; you should submit this list to Facebook to get a precise picture of your customer base. Facebook may use this information to compile an accurate list of lookalikes for your brand. Make it a point to update your targeted lists at least once a month if you are not utilising DataQ to do so. With DataQ, you won’t ever need to manually upload lists to Facebook since our synchronisation tools keep your audience’s current.

Since you are always adding new customers, it is crucial to keep your targeting lists current so that your lookalike audience will change on its own. Your own customers are a good place to start since they are the most real audience you can ever discover.

Segment Existing Lists

You must specify which members Facebook should utilise if you want to acquire the greatest lookalike audience. And segmenting your consumer base is the best approach to decide which Facebook users to add.

You may generate more focused, smaller audiences by segmenting your current consumer base. Even while your customers exhibit some similar habits, not all of them are the same. And not every client has the same value (Lifetime Value).

At the best Digital marketing course in Pune, you will learn about one of the most effective and distinguished ways to create brand awareness, how you can reach out to your potential customers and stay connected with the existing ones. Create consumer segments that are most appropriate for your brand. The highest client lifetime value might be one category, and purchase frequency can be another. These are the folks who spend the most money on your brand or who visit you the most frequently, albeit there may be some overlap between these categories. Both of these qualities are desirable, thus developing segments based on them will result in effective lookalikes for your business.


You can use and optimise lookalike audiences more effectively if you know how they operate. When you do, your revenue and sales will increase in addition to your Facebook ad ROI.