Virtual Physiological Consulting: How To Prepare?

With Covid-19, virtual psychological consulting (konsultasi psikologi, which is the term in Indonesian) is becoming a lot more normal. When it comes to therapy, your privacy becomes vital. And, while in a consulting office, one would get that, when it comes to virtual ones, finding your private space is crucial. If you are beginning to or have been advised upon virtual psychological therapy, then here are a few tips on how you could prepare yourself.

Find A Private Safe Place For Yourself

When you have your partner or friend at home, you need to get creative. Otherwise, with your friend hovering over, it would be difficult to conduct the consulting. You can take a room for yourself or even get out and park your car in a private spot. While some even like to go on solitary walks or sit on their balcony. Ultimately, the aim is to find a place where you would be comfortable enough to express your emotions and feelings. Some even schedule their appointment the way they used to avoid questions from everyone.

Be Sure Of Your Internet Connectivity

You need a strong internet connection for your virtual consultation. One thing that pandemic has taught everyone would be that flexibility is the key. When it comes to your consultation, being prepared is the key whether it is wearing your comfort clothes, keeping all your devices charged, or even making some comfort food for yourself. You should be present fully during the session without any worry on your mind.

Being Yourself

When it comes to virtual therapy, one advantage would be that the clients get to stay in their comfortable surroundings and work from there. Wear your comfy pajamas, take your comfortable blanket, stir up some hot chocolate for yourself, when it comes to therapies, your consultant would want you to be completely open and authentic. This can only be achieved when you are being yourself during psychological consulting.

When it comes to consulting, one should take time to set themselves a few minutes before. It would be similar to how a client would sit in the waiting room and sip on tea to relax and gather thoughts. When it comes to virtual consulting, due to bad connectivity, you might not be able to hear them or see them, make sure you give them that feedback.

They want the best possible experience for you and therefore cooperation is an integral part. When looking for online virtual consulting, there are several options available and everything could be done flexibly too. Choose a time you are comfortable with. Virtual psychological health consulting is the new normal and one should be taking advantage of it.