Website + SEO = Growth

The Internet has unprecedented growth opportunities. But not everyone can tap into its potential and succeed. There is a formula that helps all budding internet entrepreneurs reap the gold out of this goldmine. It fuses SEO online marketing techniques with a website, the two most critical elements of virtual success, and equates to growth.

This formula goes by the name of the “Magic Growth Formula” and looks like this: Website + SEO = Growth. 

A website is like your stall in the virtual exhibition. So, it must be capable of obtaining, retaining, and compelling the customers. The Internet offers tough competition. And even a minor inadequacy in your website makes your visitors leave it for your competitor’s. Therefore, your website must be optimized in every aspect.

An optimalwebsite brims with fresh content, loads within seconds, and provides an easy solution to the target audience’s difficult problems.

Once you have such a website, you need visitors for it, who will interact with it and perform the desired task. SEO brings these customers.

Search engine optimization or SEO online marketing techniques ensure that your website appears at the top for specific search phrases by blending these phrases into your content. But that’s not all. SEO does a lot more than adding keywords to the content.

Search engines look for and rank websites that offer a good experience to the users and are safe and well-reputed. SEO ensures that your website is optimized to load fast and easy to navigate, checking the first box. Moreover, it also ascertains that the website is reputable by earning backlinks from another high-authority website. Which fulfills the second requirement as well.

So, while there is still debate on whether the egg came first or the chicken, there is no doubt about the fact that in the online world, a website comes first, followed by SEO. And together, they take a business to the top, helping it grow.

Landau consulting, a New Jersey SEO company provides specialized consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and, in this infographic, has condensed the role of SEO online marketing strategy in the Website + SEO = Growth formula.