Top 3 Things to Take on Your Spring Ride

Cycling in the spring is a great way to welcome the change of seasons. Brisk breezes and bright sunshine will spur you along the byways. Before you head out to begin your cycling season this spring, read here for ideas on what to take with you.


For your ebag or emergency bag, you can either carry a backpack, use the pockets in your cycling shirts, or add a gear bag to your bike. Depending upon the length of and terrain of your ride, what you pack in your ebag will vary.

Essentials for your ebag include a basic first aid kit. In that kit you should have sunscreen, adhesive bandages, moleskin for blisters, ointments for bug bites and blisters, and lip ointment. If your spring cycling rides will have you venturing far from your home base, consider adding a repair kit to your ebag. At the minimum you should pack a spare tube with a means to inflate it, along with a patch kit. You do not want a flat tire to be the undoing of your spring rides.

Hydration and Snacks

Maintaining proper hydration for your body is important. Drinking water along your journey allows your body to sustain a consistent level of energy. Regardless of the length of your ride, be sure to start with a filled water bottle and refill it at every opportunity! Longer rides might necessitate gels to be packed as well. Snacks, such as bananas or trail mixes, should be added to your list of things to take on your spring ride.

Cell Phone with Digital Wallet or Credit Card Holder

While your spring cycling ride might be, in part, fueled by a desire for a technology break after the winter, cell phones are an integral part of our lives. Ensuring that you begin your ride with a fully charged phone is important for any emergencies. If your ride will be lengthy, adding in a portable charger will provide extra insurance that your phone will be available, if needed.

Attaching a credit card holder to your cell phone will give you a great place for ID and cash. A plus for having your phone is the ability to take some fabulous pictures when you stop for water and snacks.