The Health Benefits of Strong Relationships

No one is an island, even if that person does enjoy spending time alone. That’s why we need people in our lives, sometimes even an entire village to be happy and healthy. If we have a healthy relationship with our partner, that is based on shared values, love and respect, we’ll have a thriving relationship. A thriving relationship is a healthy relationship and people within this relationship will experience a number of health benefits. Your well-being, physical, emotional and spiritual is all under positive impact by your relationship.

Stress reduction

People who have a person to talk to when they are under stress, have a better mechanism for coping with stress. Having a partner that provides emotional and social support decreases cortisol, thus reducing the feeling of stress. Coupled people have a lower stress response, so they feel less stressed overall. Whether it’s because they have someone to vent to or to give them a different perspective, it shows that close relationships are important in life.

Emotional support aids the recovery process

It’s been reported that people who are in long-term relationships recover better after surgery. There are many reasons why this is the case, one of which is definitely emotional support during difficult times. In addition, people are less likely to forget about their medicine and their outlook on life will be different.

Longer life

Relationships also lead to a longer life. Whether it’s because of a long-term emotional relationship or just having strong social ties, relationships reduce loneliness. People who are less lonely, tend to have a positive outlook on life and live longer. Strong relationships add meaning to one’s life, so nurturing those ties goes a long way in life.

Strong intimate life

People in healthy relationships prioritise their intimacy. Sex is a need, just like our need for food and breathing, according to psychologist Abraham Maslow. Modern psychologists will also say that men need sex to feel loved while women need to feel love in order to want to have sex. However, if you have a sexual desire discrepancy, meaning that a female sex drive is lower than the male, and vice versa, you can still have a strong intimate life. People in Australia are quite open about this, and men often visit Sydney brothels if their partner has a different libido than them. There are ways to have a strong intimate life, you just have to communicate openly about that.

Personal growth

Personal growth is strongly impacted by the relationships you have in life. So choose wisely who you spend your life with. Does this person let you grow or cut your branches? This is why people need to define their values and look for people who also resonate with these values before they commit to them.

A strong support system, both in your emotional life and in other parts of your life, can push you to reach wider horizons. At times you might doubt yourself, and your partner can give you the support you need to pursue a path. This goes vice versa, you should also support your partner on their personal growth journey.

Lower chances of developing a mental ilness

It’s also been reported that married people have a lower chance of developing a mental ilness. First of all, the chances of developing depression are lower. Prolonged loneliness can be one of the reasons behind depression. Married people are less lonely because they develop routines and habits with their partner. There’s always someone to come to, and there are fewer reasons to feel unhappy.

The person you live with and share your life with, can recognise changes in emotions and behavour and act accordingly. Maybe you just need someone to take care of your household responsibilities, if you’re having struggles at work.

Or, you might need your partner to take the initiative for a while. This is why married people have fewer chances of developing an illness- there’s someone close you can rely on.

There’s probably more we can add to this list, but we’ve focused on the most common health benefits of srtong relationships in life. If, for some reason, you feel like you don’t have all of these things in your relationship, it’s time to work on your communication and your intimacy.