SIX recommendations for selecting a professional freight shipment company near you

Many entrepreneurs face a series of challenges on a daily basis related to cargo transport, distribution and the flow of their production. An efficient supply chain is essential to guarantee a greater presence in the market and the expansion of the operation. In this context, the concept of freight shipments can be cheaper, which acts as a logistical facilitator. It is worth remembering that freight management requires a lot of expertise and investments.

Main precautions when hiring 

To hire this service and obtain the expected results, it is necessary to follow a basic script, which includes several analyses, such as –

Assessment of needs

At first, it is essential to detail the main needs of the company, including schedules, routes, frequency of departures, cargo volume and delivery deadlines. From this survey, it is easier to look for budgets and proposals that meet all expectations.


It is necessary to know if the intermediary has enough competence, experience and know-how. It is important to research the history of previously classified providers, seek references and indications from other clients, and verify the qualification of professionals and technical managers, besides considering the specialties and portfolio.

Agility of processes

When it comes to transport, agility is essential. The freight shipment company must have optimized processes and routes. The freight company should have contingency plans to work around situations that involve unforeseen events and emergencies.


The values ​​presented in the budget always have great weight when choosing one or another provider, but it should not be the only factor to be considered. Considering only the cost is a serious mistake, as it can lead to the hiring of companies that are poorly qualified or with limited operations in certain regions. It is necessary to insert KPIs in the service contract, as a way to monitor and manage the entire operation. Another indicator to be applied is the ROI. Through this calculation, it is possible to compare the gains or losses generated by logistics outsourcing.


It is necessary to observe the service capacity, the prices charged, the fulfillment of deadlines, the facilities offered and the on-board technology. All these aspects form a solid basis for an efficient and more economical operation, avoiding the risks involved with freight.

Differentials and services included

The differentials of the freight shipment company must also be verified. Some have an online working platform, which allows you to follow each step of the transport, in real time. This feature ensures more security and peace of mind for the contractor. It is also possible to find companies that have established partnerships with many carriers, to cover a large part of the national territory. This variety cuts costs as there is always a provider nearby and available, regardless of location.


Another important issue to be mentioned is the technical knowledge of these companies about legislation, standards and mandatory taxation. With careful hiring, it is easier to avoid these complications and ensure that all movements are regular, including import and export. Some websites offer an online quote tool. Thus, it is possible to obtain information about values ​​at any time.