How To Choose The Perfect Wall Art?

When it comes to decorating your home, even the smallest detail should be necessary. A house is decorated with lamps, curtains, and furniture, but other decorative elements, as may be the case of the wall art, which we see to talk about today, take real importance when giving a different touch to the whole house or a single room.

Give prominence to the wall art in your home by following these tips that we present to you today. A single painting can make a bland and lifeless room colorful, happy, and dynamic.

Today we can find many paintings that we like and go well with our stay. They can go perfectly on top of any wall color as long as it combines with furniture and other decorative elements. Still, it will be excellent if we have a white wall or another light neutral color (such as pearl gray).

Here’s how to choose the perfect picture to create a different and better room than the one you have now:

Before you buy it, you should be clear about where you want to place it: on the sofa, next to the TV, on the fireplace, in a corridor, etc. Knowing this, you can have exact other details such as the size it should have, colors, textures, etc.

To draw attention to yourself. A painting is to be contemplated, so its primary function, after decorating obviously, will be to draw attention and attract the glances of our visitors.

Choose the color that goes well with the walls and the curtains, sofas, and furniture in the room. That is if we want to follow the trend a bit. If, on the contrary, we want a color that breaks entirely with the current decor, the more transgressive, the better.

Bet on originality. Leave aside the classic pictures and dull shades. Bet on creativity and modernity. An infinite number of paintings can give a different touch to our room, for example, those that simulate works of art already painted by famous painters.

But not everything is the beauty of the piece’s color; the scale is something that many people overlook and essential.  The size of the painting is not always given the importance it deserves.

The correct location of the wall art on the wall is also important (as a general rule, the lower edge can be placed 10-15 cm. from the highest part of the back of the sofa, as we saw here, although this also depends on whether it is a regular back and not a too low one, and also on the size of the painting. It is a matter of looking for a balance in the general composition, and for that, neither the piece should be too small or big, nor should it be placed too low or high.

It is true that when it comes to decorating walls, almost anything can work: in this sense, an anarchic composition of small pictures or photos can have an exciting result, but even in these cases, we must not lose sight of the scale and overall balance. When the painting is one, a single piece, its correct location and dimensions are much more critical. If it is placed too high, it will direct the ceiling view, and if it is too low, it will give a sad and solemn look.

One of the most common decoration mistakes is precisely the inadequate location and scale of the paintings on the wall, detracting from them and unbalance the resulting overall composition.

Taking into account these tips, you are sure to get the perfect picture. Finally, one more point: that the image does not take away luminosity and amplitude to the room; these two characteristics must be the essential thing of a house.