How Market Research Tools by NetBase Quid Can Inform Better Business Decisions!

According to a study published by the team at Statista, almost 1.8 billion people shopped on the internet last year. The rise of the internet and the corresponding avenues of potential opportunity it has opened can be hard to ignore. With so many businesses angling for a portion of this massive pool of potential shoppers, market research has never been more important.

Data analytics fundamentally changed the game of baseball through Moneyball and now major brands are turning to tools like NetBase Quid to embrace their own market research and analytics. Data is just data but with a market research package, businesses can turn that information into something actionable.

Understanding Market Research and Market Intelligence

When we discuss market research, we are talking about more than just scrubbing the internet for reviews or insights. Instead, we are talking about working with a company like NetBase Quid. NetBase Quid has developed an inventory of winning market research tools that utilize artificial intelligence. Thanks to this vast and wide net, market research and analytical tools can be used to consume massive swathes of information while providing important context.

As customers turn to Quid for their next-gen analytical tools, they can enjoy a variety of benefits and advantages. Let’s take a look at how working with market research and intelligent product can benefit your reputation while building a brand that will continue to grow.

What Can Market Research Do For My Company

First and foremost, utilizing market research to boost your business will require some semblance of a learning curve. Merely searching for reviews related to your product or search term will leave you with incomplete and inaccurate information. After all, limited research tools won’t identify sarcasm, nor will they identify common abbreviations and misspelled keywords. In fact, slang in general can be a headache for market researchers!

Contextualize Key Information

In order to avoid being overwhelmed by all of this information, it is important to work with market research tools that are transparent, accurate, and always receiving updates. This is one of the driving benefits of working with NetBase Quid, their team of developers push out updates every couple of weeks to make sure that analytics are always accurate and transparent.

Properly Scan and Understand Messaging

When we comb social media for analytics to work with, NetBase can also pick up on images and image-based text. This allows clients using NetBase Quid to pick up every potential important mention of their brand while building a database of workable, contextualized information. NetBase Quid utilizes some of the finest logo and brand scanning tools on the internet. This is ideal for accurately measuring brand awareness while tracking other potential mentions of the brand.

Using tools like NetBase Quid will allow business owners to comb for key information from a variety of different angles:

  • News Companies
  • Blogs
  • Patents
  • Custom Uploads
  • Social Media

Each data-set can be tailored to the specific search that a business or brand wants to undertake. When this research is performed, key analytics will be visually mapped for easy consumption.  These AI-powered tools work faster and more effectively than even the most ardent team of market researchers working on their own, and all with just a click of the mouse.

Get Started With Professional Market Intelligence Tools at NetBase Quid

In the age of information, it can pay to understand what is happening with our brand. NetBase Quid is a next-generation consumer and marketing intelligence platform that aims to deliver contextualized insights for trends, consumer connections, and brand analysis.

NetBase Quid has been a trusted partner for major corporations including Coca-Cola, Wunderman Thompson, United Airlines, Walmart, Microsoft, and The New York Times.  NetBase has already found a home with leading brands in 99 countries around the globe.

Remember, market research can fuel any business that wants to reach new heights. Interested parties can request a product demonstration through NetBase Quid at their earliest convenience.