Great YouTube MP3 converter for Indonesia

Many music applications can be downloaded from the Internet; However, let’s be honest: in some cases, we were unable to find a particular song or mix… Not even mobile apps like SoundCloud! In this case, then, tools or software that help convert video to MP3 can be useful. As we all know, YouTube is a very important video platform for Indonesians today. As a result, the “download YouTube video to MP3” method, known as “download video YouTube ke MP3” in Indonesian, is gaining traction. In this article, we’ll introduce you to several useful youtube-to-MP3 converters. With their help, you can grab audio and listen to it whenever you want, even if you’re offline.

Best YouTube MP3 converter



wondershare unic converter


YTBvideoly is the most user-friendly tool for making audio files from YouTube videos. With one click, in addition to downloading a high-definition video, you can also convert YouTube to MP3. It is an efficient YouTube conversion online tool for Mac or Windows PCS and smartphones, including iPhone or Android, and works with over 1000 other video sharing sites. Use it to get high quality video up to 8K resolution or convert video to audio files. In addition, with this converter, you can also quickly “unduh video YouTube MP4,” which is Indonesian for “convert audio to MP4 format,” and download files without any restrictions. Best of all, the tool not only supports English, but also provides a dedicated Indonesian language page, which is very friendly to Indonesian users.


VideoProc is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated YouTube video converter and editing software. It’s one of the best youtube-to-MP3 converters out there, with processing speeds 47 times faster than other video converters. You can also use this program to download high quality YouTube videos up to 4K resolution. It has an easy to use menu and one of the most advanced applications. It can be converted to MP3, but it also has the ability to extract audio files lossless. In addition, the platform, like many others, offers both free and paid versions. However, Free Vision can only download YouTube videos that are less than five minutes long.

Wondershare UniConverter

This is the most comprehensive YouTube MP3 converter on this list. If your needs are more than a simple video-to-MP3 conversion, it’s worth investigating. You can quickly convert between different formats, download large numbers of movies or entire playlists, enjoy a simplified user experience, and use the included DVD authoring and browser capabilities. That’s great, but that’s not all. Audio and video can also be edited. Eliminating background noise, changing or eliminating sound, etc., are options. You can also create your own introduction and ending for your video. Among other things, they have a GIF generator, a VR, and an image converter built in. To be precise, it’s significantly more functional than most of its competitors.

Bottom line

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. The way we consume and listen to music is also changing rapidly. Not so long ago, it seems, we were all listening to vinyl and later music CDS. Now, we enjoy music on YouTube. Fortunately, the advent of the Internet also gave rise to video-to-MP3 converters. From YTBvideoly, VideoProc to Wondershare unicconverter, there are many excellent converters. Each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages. One we recommend is YTBvideoly, YouTube MP3 Converter is easier to use and can handle many different video formats.