A Tale of Two Websites

Build a website, but don’t stop there.  Having a website as an online business card is an option, but it can do more for your business.

Of course, most companies can be found in Google when someone enters the company name or website address directly into a browser. The goal would be for a website to be found by someone searching for the products offered by the company and not using the company name for searching.  It is okay if a website can be found only by company name or website address for those looking for information about a company they already know or heard about.

But being able to find a company based only on the offerings of the company is the best of having an online presence and brings new customers to the business that would otherwise not have found it. This enables the website to act as a sales agent for the business.

Through careful design of a website beyond its aesthetic appeal and content, a business can increase the odds of its website appearing in the first few pages of Google search results.  Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a process that helps websites rank higher than others in internet searches. While the design and content of the website are important, SEO does more by promoting the website to other sites across the internet and then creating links from those sites back to the company website. The search engines use these links as a factor in determining the position in the search results.

To see the difference between two websites, one launching a website with no promotion and the other using advanced SEO strategies with its website, Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services has provided this infographic.

A Tale of Two Websites Infographic