A Great Offer From BBQs 2u That Can Become An Important Outdoor Kitchen Appliance

People in UK who love grilled foods will surely know about BBQs 2u – one of the well-known businesses on grilled foods and barbeques. Besides that, BBQs 2u is also representing a few famous brands of oven makers.

They are:

  • Ooni Pizza
  • Kamado Joe
  • Napoleon barbecue

BBQs 2u has been selling barbecues for the last 20 years and hence they are highly passionate about all kinds of barbecues and having a lot of knowledge about grilling and also they happily share their grilling knowledge with their customers.

As BBQ is a small family business and hence you can expect a much better service from them so far as after-sales service of these ovens is concerned.

The following are the 2 Ooni Pizza products that are being represented by BBQs 2u and also they will supply all the necessary accessories at very reasonable prices.

Ooni is a famous brand in the UK who is selling pizza ovens almost all over the world. Before Ooni, came into the picture, people had to go to a certain restaurant and spend thousands to eat pizza. However, after the following ovens were brought out by Ooni, people can make their own pizza very conveniently by using these ovens.


What makes this oven awesome?

Time is precious for everyone and hence Ooni has come out with Ooni Koda 12 that can fire out jaw-dropping pizzas just in 60 seconds flat.  There is no mess and no fuss. Outdoor cooking with gas was never been so easy and simple.

This model is featuring instant gas ignition, and the oven will be ready to cook within just 15 minutes and can attain temperatures up to 500°C. By using the heat control dial, pizza can be cooked in just 60 seconds. It can easily roast vegetables, meats, and fresh bread.

Why choose gas?

  • Ease – Simply connect to any LPG gas cylinder and start to cook!
  • Control – Possible to turn the heat either up or down by using the heat control dial easily and instantly.
  • Convenience –  No smoke, and also no need of cleaning up ashes after cooking!


With Ooni Koda 16, another gas-powered model of outdoor pizza oven specially designed for making stone-baking epic 16” pizzas and also delicious flame-cooked fish, steaks, and vegetables. Ooni offers a guarantee for this oven if one cannot prepare a great pizza from this oven then within 60 days they will buy it back from their customer.

The following are a few special features of this model.

  • Gas fuelled offers the ultimate control and ease
  • Can reach 950°F (500°C) just in 20 minutes for making stone-baked fresh pizza just in 60 seconds.
  • For one turn cooking an innovative L-shaped flame
  • Extra-large cooking area meant for 16” pizzas, bread, meat joints, and much more!

Lots of people have shared their experience after using Ooni models of ovens that can be found in a few social network sites like Pinterest or Facebook etc.