4 Factors to Consider when Buying Cafe Equipment in Singapore

Buying kitchen equipment in Singapore for your new cafe can be exciting and intimidating. On the one hand, it’s a big step towards completing your new business. On another, you must be careful with choosing the right type of equipment since you and your employees will be using them for years to come. Here are four factors to consider when browsing to ensure you get the best equipment available.

1. Energy Efficiency

Getting energy-efficient cafe equipment in Singapore will be worth the initial investment since it’ll result in much lower electricity bills. Commercial kitchens use up to twice as much energy as any other retail space, so finding energy-efficient options will help you in the long run.

2. Versatility

If your cafe has a smaller kitchen space, you may benefit from getting kitchen equipment with multiple uses. For example, a UNOX combination oven from Singapore may be the most helpful type of oven since combination ovens can steam, use convection, and do both simultaneously. Look for other types of kitchen equipment that can perform more than one task to save space and money.

3. Overall Size

While considering your kitchen space, look for kitchen equipment in Singapore that can fit in your room comfortably. A crowded kitchen can potentially be dangerous for the chefs working there, especially if there are multiple working in one kitchen. Try to get a measurement of your kitchen area so you can estimate how large your appliances should be.

4. Quality

Buying cafe equipment in Singapore is an investment, so ensure you’re investing in something good. After all, you’ll be using this equipment daily for hours. Before you set out to buy equipment, do your research. Which brands and models do other chefs already trust? Which should you avoid? It is also best to opt for new equipment rather than buy used ones since you don’t know how much wear and tear a used appliance has gone through. Before finalising a purchase, do a quick inspection of the product. Is it made of commercial-grade materials? Are there any physical or functional flaws?

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