Team Building With Custom Company Shirts

When my company announced that we would have a team-building session, I couldn’t help but feel excited. I’m aware it isn’t supposed to be taken lightly or seen as a vacation, considering it’s still a group of activities done to improve company productivity, but I was ecstatic nonetheless. This gave me a chance to know my co-workers better, and it would help us with problems we encounter in the long run. Solving an issue with other people to back you up is better than panicking about it on your own. When we had a meeting about it, some of us were asked to pitch suggestions to make the experience more enjoyable. Some recommended locations, and others threw in some activity ideas. On the other hand, I thought it would be nice to have custom company shirts.

Once I spoke of my idea, our team manager asked me to elaborate on its purpose. I explained that having matching shirts helped encourage unity since we would be seen as a team. If we all wear the same thing, then all of us would be considered as one. Our team manager and a bunch of my co-workers liked the idea. This left me in charge of finding a service that could do company printed t shirts. Many companies provide this kind of service, but I needed one that could print many of them in time for the team-building session. It was going to happen in a week, so I couldn’t risk having the shirts printed too late.

Printing Process

I went online and scrolled through a few choices until I found one that explicitly told me that it could meet any deadline given to them. This was precisely what I needed for this shirt idea of mine to work. I asked my team what possible design we could have on the shirt. A few suggestions focused on what our team does, while others took it upon themselves to pull out designs about our inside jokes. It made the whole crew laugh and feel nostalgic suddenly. We eventually picked out something funny that was still very much related to our team’s role in the company. After creating the design in editing software, I returned to the website of the t shirt printing company in Singapore to send my order. We had around forty members that needed a shirt, so I had to confirm that production was possible despite the time constraints.


When the company claimed they were known for instant t shirt printing in Singapore, I didn’t expect it to be done so quickly. Even when I gave them a deadline (a deadliest deadline), they had the shirts delivered a day before the first deadline I passed, and it was a pleasant surprise when I received the heads-up regarding the delivery. Not only did the shirts come earlier than expected, but they were of excellent quality as well! The colours on the design were consistent in every shirt, and there wasn’t a single flaw seen on the printing itself. Our team really loved the shirts, and we were able to confidently work together during all the activities thanks to them.

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