What Complicates The Singapore Divorce Process?

The Singapore divorce process can be as smooth as silk or as brutal as it can be. Although there are ways to make the procedure easy, most divorces end up on the rugged route.

Certain things complicate the divorce procedure in Singapore. It is crucial to avoid or at least to prepare for these. Here are the factors that make the divorce procedure:


Dealing with assets and properties during the divorce is the most gruelling part of the divorce in Singapore. There are tons of complications here and there.

·        Nuptial Agreement

The nuptial agreement, or the lack thereof, makes divorce extra complicated. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between spouses before the marriage that lays out their financial terms.

It protects the assets and properties the couple acquired before their union. These acquisitions are not included in the division of marital assets.

·        Debts

Besides assets and properties, the court divides the debts acquired during the marriage among the couple. The court ensures the balance of the distribution of assets and debts.

·        Hidden assets

Assets can be any financial acquisitions acquired before and during the marriage. In the case of ‘before marriage,’ these assets are not protected by the prenuptial; hence, these assets may be divided equally during the Singapore divorce process. It is the reason why some hide their assets.

On the other hand, assets that are acquired during the marriage are usually unknown to the other spouse. Therefore, they don’t disclose them to the court to prevent sharing. Uncovering and covering hidden assets can be tricky and messy.

The couple can make the assets, properties, and debts division less complicated through an uncontested divorce in Singapore.


Child custody is indeed one of the most emotionally taxing parts of divorce in Singapore, especially for children. There are tons of things to sort with child custody:

The arrangement is a tricky part of child custody. Which parent will have custody of the kid or children, adopted or biological? When and how often should the non-custodial parent access the child?

Besides arrangement, child maintenance is another factor to consider. The ex-spouses must agree with the payment support for the child’s needs.


The line becomes hazy and gray between the Family Court and Criminal Court when the divorce involves domestic violence and child abuse. The person can pursue both criminal cases and civil cases for domestic violence.

However, each case has a different set of consequences. For instance, civil charges for domestic violence may affect the rulings for child custody. On the other hand, criminal charges for domestic violence may result in a protection order for the plaintiff and imprisonment for the defendant if found guilty.

Nevertheless, whether you want to pursue either civil or criminal charges, consulting a lawyer will help you come up with the best decision.

These are the factors that complicate the Singapore divorce process. Preparing for these possible complications may help to smoothen the entire process.

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