What are the different ways in which England celebrates Queens birthday?

In this article, we will talk about the different ways in which England celebrates Queens birthday. Also, we will talk about how the royal parade shows their way of celebrating their birthday.

How does the royal parade show their way of celebrating?

Every year the royal parade is selected from the royal army camp. Those soldiers and guards are selected who are the most trained and also the most skilled. These parade guys all need to be in the same colour uniform, and they conduct a march. Not only do they march, but they will also sing the national anthem of the UK with their march.

Every year this parade is done with great excellence and also with great skill. The soldiers need to maintain a format that they have to follow till the end of the parade. This parade lasts a long time and sometimes even more than 5 hours.

During this time, the soldiers are not allowed to drink or to eat and talk to each other. They have to perform this in front of thousands of people in the UK. They also have a policy where if a guard is feeling dizzy and is about to pass out.

They will have to maintain an attention position, and this is called attention passing out. In this way, the Queen, as well as the soldier’s reputation, is kept with the public and in the parade. The guards also do a skill show where the guards can show off their talent in front of the Queen. They cannot be allowed to perform unless the Queen allows them to do so.

What are different ways of celebrating her birthday in England?

England is known to be the Queen’s home country where she was born. Queen was actually born in Mayfair, which comes in the UK itself. So the England people celebrate her birthday in many different and unique ways. Here is a list of the different ways in which her birthday is celebrated in England.

  • Birthday walkabouts

This is the thing which the Queen commonly does as to celebrate her birthday she walks on the street of UK. She goes everywhere, and she greets and also interacts with the people of the UK. Once when the Queen was doing a walkabout, she saw a lady who was dressed the same as the Queen. So she was so impressed that she decided to take a picture with her and also she gifted her something.

  •  Gun Salutes

This is done in the park which faces the sea as there is no one that will get harmed. They ready the cannons, and on the mark, they will all first, then cannon at one to honour the Queen.

  •  Businesses pay homage

When the Queen was celebrating her 90th birthday, the chain called burger king. They changed their name from burger king to burger Queen in honour of the Queen. The Queen saw the commotion, and she also awarded those people who had found this idea.