The Pros And Cons Of Clear Aligners In Singapore

Do you have crowded teeth? Perhaps, there are gaps in between? You can fix them with orthodontic braces. But traditional braces can be bulky and uncomfortable. Clear aligners in Singapore solve this problem. But are they for you?

Here are the pros and cons of invisible braces in Singapore:



Bulky and extremely uncomfortable wires and brackets are visible in traditional orthodontic braces. It is why some people look for alternatives, including lingual braces. Lingual braces are almost similar to traditional braces except that it is placed behind the rows of your teeth. However, they are still uncomfortable.

Clear aligners hit two birds with one stone. They are not visible, and they are much more comfortable. Unlike the two braces, clear aligners are made of high-grade transparent plastics worn like a mouth guard. You don’t have to undergo scaling and polishing because they leave no stain once you remove them.

Faster Treatment

Clear aligners can fix your teeth much faster than traditional braces. Remember, the treatment length depends on the severity of dental issues.

Let us say you need to wear traditional dental braces for one year to complete the procedure. With clear aligners, you can finish the treatment within six months. You can ask your pediatric dentist in Singapore if your child or teen is eligible for clear aligners.

No food restrictions

People with traditional dental braces have tons of food restrictions. For example, they can’t eat sticky, chewy, hard, and crunchy food. Clear aligners have no food restrictions because you remove them when eating and drinking.

You can keep them in their case or soak them in a cleaning solution while eating lunch or drinking coffee, then wear them back after brushing and flossing.



Clear aligners in Singapore are more expensive than traditional dental braces. Sometimes, they are twice the price of metal braces. Nevertheless, they are worth it for people who need quicker teeth fixes or whose jobs require discreet braces.

Limited Fix

The capability of clear aligners to fix orthodontic issues is quite limited, unlike traditional braces. For example, teeth misalignment, especially those that require rotating teeth, is too complex for clear aligners to fix. It cannot solve overbites and underbites as well.

Most orthodontic treatments for this issue require more versatile traditional braces. Nevertheless, you can still rely on clear aligners in Singapore for minor orthodontic problems.

Can be inconvenient

Dental and oral hygiene is a must regardless of what type of braces you wear or if you ever wear braces. However, clear aligners make it extra inconvenient.

As mentioned, you always have to remove your clear aligners when eating food or drinking a coloured beverage, then brush and floss your teeth to prevent cavity buildup. It can be extremely inconvenient if you snack ten times a day or drink coffee or tea from time to time. Coloured food and drinks can stain the transparency of clear aligners, which beats their discreet appearance.

Based on the pros and cons, are clear aligners for you? Get a dental implant in Singapore at Thomson Dental Centre. Visit Thomson Dental Centre today.