6 Points that Prove the Importance of Food Security in Singapore

Most products in Singapore are expensive since they have to import products from various source countries. Due to this, many of those who consider themselves under the Singapore poverty line cannot afford much food.

Here are six reasons food security is crucial to Singapore as a city-state.

  1. Singapore imports about ninety per cent of its food supply. It makes them vulnerable to fluctuations, imbalances and food safety incidents overseas.
  2. The Food Security Roadmap of the Singapore government aims to improve the island nation’s supply resilience and food security. Diversification of food sources remains a fundamental approach, also efforts to compensate for diversification restrictions, such as local production. The strategy also includes different supporting initiatives such as research and development, food waste reduction, and emergency planning.
  3. Singapore now imports food from over 160 nations. Diversification adds flexibility to their system by letting the government swiftly tap into alternative sources due to the disruption of a primary supply source.
  4. Another crucial component of the Food Security Roadmap of Singapore is local production. The government has been collaborating closely with farmers to increase production. However, technology and automation are necessary to use the acreage better since there are challenges with limited land and resources.
  5. The Agriculture Productivity Fund (AVA) of Singapore intends to assist farmers in investing in modern farming techniques, equipment, and infrastructure. AVA also provides extension services for farmers, such as technical support and training. It performs research and development in collaboration with research institutes and industry.
  6. Singapore aspires to contribute to global food security. Their agriculture industry is modest, but the government sees it as a “living lab” for food production technology and agro-companies. These companies help predict high-tech, inventive, highly intense, and productive future farms.

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