SoHum living soil has the best nutrient mix for your crops to germinate well, While you were at the elementary stage of schooling, you were probably taught types of soil and I guess you were told the major types of soil we have are sandy soil, clay soil, and loamy soil that is correct, isn’t it? It is but aside from the three major types of soil we have, there are still other types of soils you probably don’t know. This might be surprising to you if you are not an expert in agriculture, geology, or any of the science fields. If you have an interest in going into agriculture even without being schooled in that field, you should make your research about the types of soil we have, this not just for formality purposes but for you to have knowledge about what the soils are and what they are used for, you should understand that the soil is an important tool for agricultural purpose and you should be able to understand what soil is good for what crop, there are many types of crops that you can specialize in as a potential agriculturist, understanding the types of soil that is best for those crops is what you should know at the initial stage so as not to run into loss by using the wrong soil for your crops. 

Sandy soil: the sandy soil isn’t too good for planting purposes because it is not so rich in soil minerals needed for the purpose of planting, if you are in an area where your landmass is filled mostly with sandy soil you might need to get Sohum living soil just to make planting possible for you as you may not get the desired result from using sandy soil for the purpose of planting, another reason while sandy soil may not be so good for panting is because of its porous nature, sandy soil is may not be able to hold water to feed to enable plants to germinate.

Silt soil, the silt soil is made from rock and other mineral stones particles, the silt soil unlike the sand has a level of soil minerals which could enable plant process their food and this could aid germination resultantly, silt soil is found usually at proximity to water, although the silt soil may not be as fertile as other soils and it may not be as useful as the Sohum living soil in planting, but it is still better than the sandy soil in so many ways.