Should You Have a Construction Law Attorney in Olympia, WA on Your Side?

The constant changes in standards continue to enhance safety for people in the construction industry. However, when working on construction projects, there are more concerns than just adherence to safety standards.  A construction and property attorney in Olympia, WA can take care of legal needs and issues when they arise. These include construction defects, contract negotiations, and employment law. They ensure you follow regulations and negotiate for you when conflicts arise. 

Hiring a Lawyer Before You Need One

The construction process includes different stages and players such as designers, material suppliers, contractors, insurance needs, construction crews, and real estate. By working with an attorney, your project meets all parties’ needs and is compliant with construction regulations. 

When you retain a lawyer, you have legal counsel to guide you through each aspect of the project, handling any dispute that may arise such as claims of defective work and non-payment. Due to the greater risks involved in construction, claims for personal injury, benefits, workers’ compensation, and working conditions are common. An attorney can represent you in these matters. Also, they can help you file construction liens and other construction claims. 

What to Know About Construction Liens

Construction liens are claims you can make against property and construction project title if you do not get payment for your work. You can file a construction lie if there’s a contract for the project or work that details what must be done and the price both parties agree upon. 

The property owner cannot sell or refinance their property until they clear the lien on it. Your attorney can ensure you meet all legal requirements to file a construction lien. Also, they can help you and the owner of the property reach a resolution to the lien and get it removed. 

Should you Hire a Construction Lawyer?

Each construction project can be completed smoothly. But it can also end in a lawsuit. As a contractor, you want to ensure you have a legally binding contract. But things like construction site injuries and installation of defective components are out of your control. This is the reason you need a lawyer to oversee every project’s legal aspects. You want an attorney who practices in all construction law areas including bond claims, commercial litigation, mechanics liens, construction liens, and others. They are familiar with the different legal claims that are appropriate when you file a construction lawsuit. These claims include negligence, breach of contract, indemnity, strict liability, and more.