Should I Go for Vinyl Flooring if I Have a Limited Budget?  

Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. This because of the unique benefits that it provides. Vinyl flooring is easy to install and lasts long. If you have a budget crunch, you should certainly go for vinyl plank flooring. The walking surface becomes comfortable when you make it with vinyl plank. There are several benefits of using a vinyl floor plank. You can get one of the attractive floors in your home, even if the budget is a constraint.

Benefits of Vinyl planks

Some of the significant benefits of Vinyl flooring are mentioned below:

  • Cost-effective– Per square foot cost of vinyl flooring is an economic option for the flooring. The average cost of the vinyl flooring is $2-$12 per square foot. If you compare the cost with stone, ceramic, or wood flooring, you will know that you can save significantly with vinyl planks.
  • Easy installation– The installation of vinyl flooring is quite easy as compared to the other flooring materials. The floating vinyl sheet does not require staples or glue. You just need to peel and stick the vinyl planks provided the subfloor is prepared. Vinyl flooring can be installed on plywood, hardwood, and concrete.
  • Durable– Vinyl flooring is extremely durable. If you can install it correctly and maintain it properly, it can last up to 10-20 years. This proves that it can save much of your hard-earned money. Vinyl is the best choice for rooms where there is maximum foot traffic. Some of the vinyl products offer warranties for up to 15 years. The quality of the vinyl will affect the longevity of the floor.
  • Stain-resistant– Some of the vinyl floorings have a wear layer that resists spills and stains. This protection is available with the printed sheets and vinyl tiles. To keep them looking new, you should occasionally polish them. The composite vinyl tiles do not have any surface protection.

Vinyl flooring can be a great choice for your home provided you team up with the perfect installer. To find a contractor nearby, you can search with the keywords “vinyl flooring near me“. Vinyl flooring is the best option in terms of pricing, durability, and maintenance.