Selank Peptide: What It Can Do to Us?

Selank is a synthetic peptide which was developed at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (V.V. Zakusov Research Institute of Pharmacology). It was developed by the institute along with Semax, a nootropic drug which is called a cousin peptide to Selank. It belongs to the class of synthetic peptides. It was developed by combining two peptides. One of this is used for improving molecular stability of the compound while the other is tuftsin, a peptide sequence. Tuftsin is one of those peptides which are closely related to the immune system. Tuftsin naturally occur in our body and is a part of natural antibody IgG. This Selank peptide has been approved for treating GAD or generalized anxiety disorder in Russia. Clinical trials have proved that the drug provides sustained anxiolytic and nootropic effect.

Effects on anxiety

The peptide improves mood, reduces anxiety and stress, and influences learning and memory in a positive way. Sedative effects were noticed when Selank was given in small doses. But unlike benzodiazepines, it has no habit-forming effects and does not lead to withdrawal symptoms and amnesia. Selank influences 45 of the targeted genes moderately and other 7 genes strongly from a set of 84 genes which are involved in GABA signaling. The peptide has the capability to influence GABA receptor by stimulating gene expression. When Selank is combined with benzodiazepines, it can treat unpredictable chronic mild stress in the best way. The extent of Selank’s influence on GABA receptors is modulated by its effect on enkephalin degradation. This peptide stabilizes enkephalins and preserves anxiolytic peptide by resetting the enzymatic pathway. More research is necessary to prove its capability to reduce stress. You can search for Selenak Peptide USA seller if you want to use it for research. Make sure this product is only recommended for licensed researchers for laboratory usage.

Selank and immunity

Inflammatory cytokine IL-6 is good for patients suffering from anxiety. Rese Selank helps in the production of cytokine IL-6 by inhibiting the responsible gene in patients but not healthy people. That is why this peptide can prove to be beneficial for patients with headache, severe anxiety with fatigue, anxiety-asthenic disorders, nerve pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitation and depression. This peptide is capable of improving pain and fatigue. This happens as it stabilizes enkephalins and modifies IL-6 expression. The peptide with the ability to influence expression of 34 genes affects Bcl6 expression promoting immunity development.

Learning and memory

Anxiety strongly affects memory and learning and Selank is capable of reducing the effects of anxiety along with boosting cognitive power directly. Research on rodent models show that this peptide is capable of improving memory traceability. It has been proved to be useful in easy access and formation of memories and even it rescuing cognitive abilities after injury. By reducing anxiety related effects on cognitive capabilities and also boosting it in a direct way, this peptide can be a useful medicine for treating cognitive issues. The peptide can open new horizons in treating anxiety and related disorders. This peptide is still under research and more is needed to know about the capability of Selank to boost mental health.