NetBase Quid Allows Your Brand To Find Important Key Opinion Leaders

Very few companies understand how important it is to identify the Key Opinion Leaders of their niche. Sure, many are used to hearing just how great a KOL is, but very few will actually go out of their way to find and track that KOL. The ones that do, however, can expect much stronger success and growth in the future.

But for companies still on the fence about the importance of Key Opinion Leaders, it can be difficult to figure out just why exactly a KOL is important for their brand.

Why Are KOLs Important To Your Brand

A Key Opinion Leader is an expert in your industry. They are voices that everyone in your field has heard at least once. They have experience and a reputation. When they speak, people will listen. The best KOL’s have a solid reputation that your brand would be wise to pay attention too. Having a KOL give your brand positive attention can go a long way in giving your business some much needed attention from everyone else.

For example, P&G used the hashtag #DistanceDance with a TikTok influencer to encourage the sites users to stay at home. By connecting the right idea with the brand’s specific audience, it becomes much easier for your business to achieve it goals. A Key Opinion Leader can help you to create this connection with a much broader audience than you would have access to otherwise.

However, finding a KOL for your brand can be quite difficult. This is even more the case when you’re trying to find a KOL whose audience your brand can connect with easily.

The Secret To Finding The Right KOL For Your Business

Many brands struggle with finding the right Key Opinion Leader. Market intelligence company NetBase Quid, however, can help struggling businesses gather the proper market intel they need to gain a foothold with the right KOL

The company, a next generation consumer and market intelligence platform, aims to deliver top-notch insights for its clients. It works to deliver business trends, consumer connections and a deeper understanding of the competition. Partnered with many high profile businesses, the platform uses next generation artificial intelligence to process billions of gathered data and resources. This system allows its customers to make quality, data driven decisions with accuracy, efficiency and speed.

This powerful data gathering system also extends to Key Opinion Leaders. The platform enables brands to gather KOL intel in real-time with high accuracy. This immediate insight further helps to enable you to make informed strategic decisions during the planning stages of your business campaign. In short, NetBase Quid allows you to expand through digital growth by turning data into actionable insight designed to help you succeed.

Data To Help You Succeed

Although it’s easy to think otherwise, KOLs and Influencers are not the same thing. This mistake is easy to make without having access to proper data. In today’s high tech world, it can be difficult to spot the difference. Although most KOLs are industry leaders, this isn’t always the case. Likewise, many Influencers can be quoted or reported in many news and blog pieces. Nowadays, it’s all too easy to mistake one for the other.

The NetBase Quid platform, however, can help you in finding the difference. Once found, the platform can also give you the data you need to get in front of the needed KOL through the use of authentic networking strategies. Further more, the platform also helps when it comes to creating a strategy to resonate with your consumers to maximize the volume of conversions.