Myths About Disability

Many myths about disability that people without disabilities believe and lead them to ignore reality as it is, paying attention to all those lies they hear and that apprehend their reality, complicating the lives of those with some condition, who for these kinds of things they live in discrimination.

The myths about disability make society believe that these people are not normal, which is false since they are as human as anyone else, with the ability to feel, think, and abilities like anyone else. The most common myths about disability are:

1 – People With Disabilities Are Sick: It is false, since in some cases they may have suffered some diseases that have taken them to the state where they are, but the disability is more of a condition; it does not mean that they are sick or that they must be cured of something.

2 – They Want The Disability With Which They Live To Disappear: Really, the greatest desire of these people is total inclusion in society, without any discrimination, feeling loved and recognized for the abilities they have.

3 – People With Disabilities Can Only Love Each Other Between Equals: It is not true at all; it is one of the most absurd myths about disability since there are people without disabilities who see much beyond the conditions and are capable of falling in love with the other for what it is, for what it can function without any problem, as long as there is mutual acceptance.

4 – Those With Disabilities Are Asexual: False; they are human beings and therefore have sexuality like anyone else, since this is a human need that comes with all human beings at birth, regardless of their life condition.

5 – A Person With A Disability Cannot Be Independent: This will depend on how the parents prepare the person; if adequate care is provided, they can become independent over time, learning to cope with their condition and adapt to everyday life.

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6 – They Will Always Be Children: It is one of the most common myths about disability. It is also false, since they live a physical development process just like any person, having menstrual and growth processes just like any young person.

7 – A Person With A Disability Is Dangerous: One more myth will depend on education, especially the treatment the individual receives.

8 – They Cannot Understand Things: It is false, people with disabilities can understand things, although they cannot demonstrate it many times, this does not mean that they do not understand what they are told or what happens in the environment.