How to use SEO to grow your business online?


Have you ever wonder how to help more people find your website. One of the best ways to do it is through “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO for short. SEO refers to optimizing your online content such that it is shown in the top results of a browser when searched by a certain keyword. SEO is one of the most efficient way to perform digital marketing for your business online. The best cost effective method of getting into digital marketing is through the help of a digital marketing agency in Maryland. 

As of today, there are about 2 billion registered websites on the internet. So, most of us out there rely on search engine like Mozilla Firefox and Google to find what we are looking for. When you search something on a search engine (i.e. – Google) you get back a result page and there is lots of stuff on it, among them are a ton of websites that the search engine found which are relevant to your search. There you can notice that in the 1st page there are only 4 to 5 websites excluding the paid promotion websites or ads.  Underneath the page there is a list of pages containing more websites relevant to your search. About 94% people don’t bother looking into those pages of the search engine. 

Most people just click on results on the 1st page only and if they don’t find what their looking for they just try changing the keywords. And of those people who do click on the 1st page most only click on the top 3 or 2 results. So this is why optimizing your website for search engines or doing SEO is so much important. When people search for something that’s relevant to them and they see your website in their search results their gonna click and visit your page and these aren’t just any visitors. These people are looking for exactly what you offer, and of anyone else these people are most likely to convert into customers. But if your website doesn’t show up in the 1st few results or in the 1st page it’s almost like your website doesn’t exist. So have you ever wondered why some websites are in the 1st page and some are stuck way at the bottom of the pile. 

A sites position in search results is determined by what’s referred to as page rank. Unsurprisingly as there are these two aspects to find and rank pages, there are two corresponding components to SEO. First is the On-site component, this is where you ensure your site is full of keywords that are relevant to what your sites about. The second component of SEO is called Off-site component, in this stage you create backlinks to your website that originate from other media. These backlinks can be created by writing articles, social media, blog posts etc. But keep this in mind the more influential or legitimate the website is that links back to you, the more effect that backlink from that site is gonna have on your search result rankings.

So that’s it. SEO is very important as it helps you move to the top of relevant search results. Since almost everyone relies on search engines to find anything online, SEO is the most effective way to enhance your online business. Remember, only by investing an appropriate amount of time or money on SEO you can enjoy the fruits of it.