Granite for countertops? Check the pros and cons!

With a wide range of options, selecting the right countertop material can be confusing for any buyer. Granite, marble, quartz, Dekton – There are just too many choices. Granite, however, is one of the traditional choices for countertops, and while it does have a few cons, the advantages outweigh them. Having comptoir de Granite au Sommet comes in handy for kitchens and bathrooms alike. In this post, we are sharing pros and cons of granite countertops at a glance. 

The good

Granite is one of the most durable natural materials for countertops, and it works for most homes, regardless of the theme, interior concept, and décor. There are also endless shades of granite, which makes it versatile for different needs. Beyond countertops, granite can be considered for flooring and even walls too. One of the other benefits of granite is its strength, and unlike a lot of countertop materials, it isn’t prone to scratches. While not the best in class, granite is considerably heat resistant, so if you want to keep a few hot pots, it shouldn’t be a problem. When compared to marble, granite is more stain resistant and doesn’t absorb liquids. 

On the flip side

Granite does require to be sealed, which may add to the costs, and with time, the sealant will come off, so you may have to reseal the same. While not very common, granite can chip and crack. Also, the color, design may vary between orders, as granite is a natural material, although this is true for most of the natural stones. 

Ordering granite countertops

If you want to make the most of your investment, make sure that you select the right countertop manufacturer/vendor for your order. Their team of experts can help you choose between different countertop materials and decide whether granite is a good fit for your home. Also, you need to consider if the same material or color is to be used for kitchens and bathrooms, although there are no such design compulsions. 

Final word

Granite remains a preferred material for countertops and for the right reasons. Do your homework when it comes to the budget, and always get an estimate to compare it with some of the other options. Marble doesn’t compare to granite on many grounds, but if you are looking for an option that similar and often better than granite, quartz can be a great choice. Check online now for granite countertop designs now!