Gladiolus & poppy are the flowers associated with August birthdays

One’s birthday is a constant reminder of the goodness of life and the need to commemorate it. And giving the appropriate birthday present makes the birthday person’s day all the more special. Do you have any idea of what the August-born should receive as a birthday present? Gladiolus & poppy are the August birthstone flowers. Those having an August birthday have the good fortune of being associated with not one, but two flowers, each of which has its special meaning.

If you are looking for the perfect present to give to a special someone who has a celebration coming up in August and you want to show them how much you care, then reach out to flower delivery Kuala Lumpur. But before we get to it, let’s have a look at what the flowers of August represent:


The tall and brilliant gladiolus is the first flower associated with August. Flowers that bloom in the summer and are often referred to as “Sword Lilies” have pointed leaves. These blooms have the form of trumpets and may reach a height of up to five feet. They come in a spectrum of hues, like yellow,¬†red, white, violet, and magenta.

Meaning And Symbolism

The association of gladiolus flowers with the gladiators who fought in Ancient Rome is said to be the source of the traditional meanings of these flowers, which include power and honor. On the other hand, whenever these flowers are presented as a gift, they are seen as representing first glances of love. However, the many hues of gladiolus blooms each signify something somewhat different.

  • Ancient Greeks called Gladiolus Xiphium, which means sword.
  • Historically¬†Gladiolus flowers were utilized for health problems. The plant’s corms, or the base of the stem, were used for several purposes, including as a dressing and for removing thorns.
  • Gladiolus plants contain potentially toxic substances, and contact with certain portions of the plant could result in an allergic reaction or skin irritation.
  • The English traditionally employed a combination of goad’s milk and the base of the Gladiolus plant’s stem to treat colic.


Poppy flowers, another August birth flower, are colorful and bold and are utilized in landscaping around the world. They are available in white, red, and yellow, and are all as stunning. Poppy flowers are farmed for their delicious seeds and used medicinally. Learn what they symbolize.

Symbolism and Interpretation

The crimson poppy flower has long been seen as a sign of remembering and tribute. Offering poppy flowers were a common way for ancient Greeks and Romans to express their condolences and respect for the deceased. Red poppies symbolize fiery desire in Japan and China. But poppies of various hues carry distinct symbolic import. The white poppy, for instance, is a symbol of comfort, while the red poppy symbolizes joy and the yellow poppy, success. Visit the Penang florist website to receive online delivery.

The Poppy: Some Fascinating Facts

  • Poppies were cultivated by the Minoans, a culture from Crete, as early as 2700 BCE.
  • Poppies flourished on numerous Flanders and Belgium battlefields. The poppies’ blood-red color is meant to represent the lives lost and the tears shed by those who fought in the war.
  • Opium poppies are the primary source of edible poppy seeds that are a good source of nutrients, calcium, and iron.