Benefits of pregnancy massage 

Obstetric massage in mybodyshop can provide a variety of health advantages.

  • Sleep quality has improved.

Deep tissue massage promotes the body’s synthesis of the melatonin hormone and the serotonin molecule. People’s sleep patterns are therefore adjusted as a result. Whenever a pregnancy woman gets a treatment, the condition of her rest improves, which has a favorable influence on the organism as a whole.

  • Reduces anxiety and tension.

The stress hormone, cortisol, is also known as cortisol. The amount of cortisol in a pregnant woman’s body is dramatically lowered when she receives massage treatment as part of her prenatal care. This allows her to be exposed to beneficial hormones that have been shown to increase happiness, vigor, and immunity.

  • Reduces joint swollenness.

Swelling is referred to as oedema by doctors. Low circulation and increased strain on the blood vessels are the causes of this typical condition during pregnancy. Deep tissue massage is indicated for pregnant women in order to activate the soft tissues and reduce the accumulation of fluids in swollen joints. Massage can also help the lymph system eliminate waste from the body by improving its ability to do so.

  • Muscle soreness and cramping are relieved.

Muscle soreness and cramps are frequent among pregnant women. Muscle tension and increased motor neuron activity are the most common causes of these discomforts. These might be substantially decreased with the aid of a practitioner skilled in pregnancy massage Melbourne.

  • Nerve pain is alleviated.

Pregnant women often have sciatic nerve pain, especially in the final phases of their pregnancy. This is because their uterus rests on the muscles of the lower back and pelvic floor. The pressure then spreads to the upper and lower leg muscles, resulting in edema. Melbourne massage therapists that specialize in prenatal care treatment can assist mothers in relieving stress in nearby muscles. Women who had massages throughout their pregnancy experienced reduced sciatic nerve pain.

  • Reduces the chance of having a baby too soon.

Pregnant moms who had prenatal massage treatment on a regular basis had a lower risk of having a preterm baby than women who did not receive a massage throughout their pregnancy, according to studies.

  • The stress chemicals in the infant are reduced.

Massage reduces stress hormones in the infant in addition to assisting the pregnant mother. Massage has been proven to help raise cortisol levels in babies even while they are still in their mother’s womb, according to research. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that the health advantages of pregnant massage aren’t limited to moms.

It’s simple to see why a number of health clinics in Melbourne now provide remedial massage treatments because of these health advantages.