Are buying youtube views making your videos banned?

Buying youtube views falls under a strange ecosystem. There are a lot of conflicts occurring in buying youtube views. According to youtube policy, is it not legal to buy views from third-party websites

It is considered risky because there are some fake platforms that give you fake youtube views and decrease the growth rate of your youtube account. The fact is that the youtube platform has the incentive to allow you to purchase growth services.

People are often curious to know whether or not buying youtube views banned your account. Read here, to get the clear answer.


There are many things that happen if you buy youtube views in a way that is not sanctioned by youtube.

  • Number one shows nothing. It means buying youtube views does not hurt anything. Also, it does not benefit you in any way.
  • Number two shows that youtube views disappear. Youtube follow a complex algorithm that determines whether the view that comes to your videos are real or not.
  • This is the reason why views are stuck at 301 on your youtube account if they are not real.
  • The third reasons show the flag condition of your youtube account. It means flag status has come in the background process that shows that your content post on youtube is abusive or not valuable.

A scale matter

Another reason why people fail to buy youtube views is when they buy too many views. Suppose you have a channel of dozen of videos and hundreds of views on every video.

You want to make the reach of your video at the top, so you can choose the most appealing youtube video and buy views for it. What do you think to happen in this process?

People are not like to visit poor youtube channels with poor videos that have no views and later decide that it is good content because of one viral video. No one believes such cases in legit views occur on your youtube videos.

Type of views

There is a major reason why buying youtube views make a difference from real source or others. If you buy views for your youtube videos from a genuine site, such as, then you can get real youtube views.

On another hand, if you buy youtube views from a fake site, then all views come from bots and disappear after some time. The fake youtube views will put negative effects on your account.


High youtube views on your videos give you more suggestions for more effective and engaging videos. While the real services from youtube growth service may cost more, the investment return and traffic keep more.