A Beginners Guide to Online Slot Games

The possibility of turning your life around by a simple spin of the wheel is what draws the masses to this game since its inception in 1981. Online slot games are more advantageous in that you can play them wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. Also, there are no crowds to avoid or unnecessary other expenses.

Slot machines are programmed to be very random when deciding who wins the jackpot. But there are a few strategies experts recommend us to use to increase our chances of winning.

There are quite a number of terms that might intimidate you and even discourage you from your desire to understand the inner working of the world of online slot games. But given below is a concise but sufficiently detailed guide for you to grasp the basics of slot online.

How to choose the correct slot game

  • When choosing a game, one must choose a trustworthy site that has a high reputation and good reviews from their customer base. This will ensure that you are not scammed and allow you to play freely knowing you are in reliable hands.
  • The developer behind the online slot game has to be researched. A well-reputed developer would ensure you are getting back what you are paying for.
  • Before you set into playing away your money, try to maximally learn the intricacies of online slot games and how they function. A little experience will allow you to make the right choices and also give you confidence real money is involved. This experience can be gained through the plethora of online slot sites that let you play for free.
  • Good bankroll management is a must. Realize that you should allow yourself to only play and gamble with money you can afford to lose. Due to the addictive nature of this game, you should set yourself a limit and ensure that you know when to stop.
  • Many popular sites utilize seasonal promotions to lure customers to their games. Thus, make sure that you look for sites that offer several free spins, bonus games, and other generous handouts.

Basic terminology

There are “symbols” (drawings on the reels) on all slots that are placed on “reels” which is a name for spinning wheels. “Paylines” are where you receive your payout.  When the reels cease movement, a set of symbols show up on the pay line.

The following are a few more technical terms used in slot machines

  • RTP (Return to Player Percentage): This is the frequency in which you win. You should always go for games that have more than 97% RTP. You may also settle for 95%, but anything below should be avoided. Following this rule of thumb would ensure that you win frequently and avoid many successive dead spins
  • Volatility: Choosing a low volatility game would allow you to win more frequently but with small wins. A high volatility game promises large wins but very infrequently and this is not recommended.