5 things you need to become a footballer 

Many players have not been lucky enough to become footballers. However, you can increase your chances of becoming a pro footballer if you study the requirements mentioned in this article. Many pro footballers have been able to make millions of dollars by playing a game they are passionate about. Several people dream about engaging in football as a career. In addition, successful footballers are respected across the world and their names continue to be written about, even years after they’ve passed away.

To become a pro footballer, you need to be highly committed to the game because it is an extremely competitive sport. Research has shown that the number of players who make it to the level is very minimal. Among all the nine-year-old kids who join football academies, it is said that only 0.5% can become pro footballers or make a significant amount of income from playing football. 

In England only, it is unbelievable to know that, out of over 1.5 million youth footballers, only 180 players can make it to the premier league as pro footballers. Therefore, to help you develop your career, this article explains five things you need to become a pro footballer.

  1. Getting Soccer Trials

Among the important experiences in the development of an upcoming pro footballer’s career is going on a soccer trial. It is usually the time to showcase your talent to team managers and the potential value that could be added to their team. Ensure that you take seriously all the soccer trials you attend. Try to bring your best game and prove why you should be chosen over every other player. Attending soccer trials in Europe could also boost your chances of becoming a pro footballer.

You should also show respect to other team members and stakeholders such as coaches, staff, and fellow players. Always give it your best shot during the practice sessions. Perform all the basics properly. Showcase your ability to be self-driven in situations where it is required. Remember to be yourself and don’t try to over-impress lest you make unnecessary mistakes.

You should know that you could either be chosen to join a club or denied entry depending on the team’s selection criteria. If you’re picked to join a team, you will be awarded a contract. However, if you are not selected, remain strong and display good character. You could also ask for constructive feedback on why you were not chosen. Usually, about 35% of players who get involved in soccer trials are given contracts.

  1. Experience

Playing football from a young age is a good way of gaining as much experience and knowledge about football. Experience is very essential in becoming a pro footballer. Be sure to read about the phenomenon of the “10,000-hour rule”. According to this rule, 10,000 hours of training in any field will make someone a master in that field. Building outstanding talent can not happen in a short time.

Starting at the age of seven and training continuously for ten years will equip a player with enough knowledge and skills to increase their chances of becoming a pro footballer. This is why youth soccer academies are operating every day. They provide a conducive environment for aspiring pro footballers to train and learn as much as possible about the game.

However, some notable pro footballers have been able to make it to the top even when they did not start playing at a young age – therefore even older players should not be discouraged. 

  1. Getting an Agent

Networking is crucial in any successful business or career because having contacts with key players in the industry will make it easy to push your interests. Agents wear many hats, however, their most important role is to correspond with teams that are willing to sign their clients and offer them a reasonable deal.

It is common practice for agents to seek out a football player and offer to work with them, however, as an aspiring footballer, you might need to reach out to various agents on your own. In addition, football organizations in many countries publish useful resources and guides that can help you to become a pro footballer and win a contract with a club.

If you are searching for a football agent, make sure you conduct your due diligence to find out which agents have good working relationships with the clubs you intend to join.

  1. Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

As someone looking to become a pro footballer, it is necessary to remember that you are an athlete who needs to maintain a high level of physical fitness. You will have to invest a lot of effort in practicing and preparing for matches. Therefore, it is important to adapt to a healthy nutrition program that contains sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, and drinks.

Many famous footballers are known for sticking to a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, whole-grain foods, eggs, and lots of water. World-renowned footballers like Messi and Ronaldo are all very careful about what they eat. You have to forget about your junk food delicacies if you are looking to becoming a pro footballer.

Effective exercise goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet. Feed yourself on a high-protein diet and avoid sugary eats. Adapt to an exercise program that is convenient for you and suitable for your age and body type.

Football is a game of perseverance so it’s crucial to become as fit as possible. Train and work out until you gain the endurance to run around a football field for an hour and a half or even longer. To increase your power and endurance, engage in multiple cardiovascular workouts and constant training in intervals. Run, row, and carry weights to add more strength to your body.

Before starting your training sessions, it is recommended to first do some simple jogging and stretching to decrease the chances of getting injured during your workout. Try to focus on both the upper and lower parts of your body for optimal performance.

  1. Joining a Team

Since football is a multi-player sport, aspiring pro footballers need to find a team in which to play and gain more experience and knowledge about football. To become a pro footballer, you need to continuously get involved in as many football games as you can during the early stages of your career. This will increase your chances of being spotted by talent scouts.