5 Spying Apps To Track Your Partner’s Device

Free android spy apps cheating spouses are growing popular day by day as cheating has become common. As infidelity issues are increasing among couples, many spouses choose to spy on their partners. This can clear out all the doubts and trust issues as you can track your partner’s device and know all the activities and even collect the activities histories.

Thus, to clear out all the insecurities and confusion, here are the leading applications that can help you to fulfill the aspect of “Read My Girlfriends Text Messages” to catch your partner instantly.

1.         XNSPY

This is an advanced spying app that allows you to track location, social media activities, and gives access to the storage media, call logs, and messages. All the online and offline activities can be checked with this using any Android or iOS device.

Its advanced features include recording calls and surrounding conversations, as well as getting daily reports about the device’s activities.

2.         FLEXISPY

It works similarly to XNSPY allowing you to track the device location, accessing all the social media activities, extracting the call history and messages, and entering all the storage files. It also allows you to record the surrounding conversations.

A unique feature is that you can take screenshots on your partner’s device. This means you will have full control over your partner’s device.

3.         MSPY

This app allows you to stay hidden and extract all the information on your partner’s device. You can collect the chat history, call history, social media activities, and even know what apps he/she is using on the device.

Using any Android or iOS device, you can know the live location of your spouse and have full control of the device. Later you can check on the data on the web panel.

4.         SPYIC

This is one of the most popular free android spy apps cheating spouse to track a partner’s phone. You can know about his social media activities, access the call log and message history, and that too without getting caught by your partner.

Spyic also allows you to follow the location of your partner using any mobile device. However, it works best on Androids and has limitations if used in iOS devices.

5.         COCOSPY

Cocospy allows you to track your partner’s phone once you install it on the target device. You can get entry to all the device’s social media applications and other applications like contacts, messages, etc., and know all details.

It also enables you to track your partner’s location. Also, you can see the stored photos and videos on the device.

Choose among the 5 spying apps and know your partner’s regular activities now!