5 Essential Tips to Buy the Best Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, and like to live a stress-free life. But sometimes we face medical emergencies regarding serious health issues. Illness is like an uninvited guest, no likes to get and especially when you have to pay a huge medical bill. Nowadays all the big hospitals charge a lot because as the technology has been developed many new treatments have been introduced in the field of medicine, so thus the medical charges have also increased with the facilities.

Once you get any serious health issue like heart disease, brain stroke or any other medical emergency then you will have to lose a lot of money in treatment. You can also meet with an accident, which is a much unexpected thing in all of our lives. Anytime anything can happen and you will have an emergency visit to the hospital and if it is minor then it is fine but if something critical happens then be ready to spend all over saving.

But there are many insurance companies that have an interesting health plan policy for you. They will pay your bills in your hard times when you are admitted to the hospital for treatment.

There are many websites and best critical illness insurance companies for health insurance. You may also compare the insurances of various companies and choose the right one for you. Be careful while choosing the insurance plan and get a piece of complete knowledge about the terms and conditions of the company’s critical health insurance policy. Many fraud companies are also available in the market, which might cheat on you with fake insurance plans and take your premium amount.

Here, there are some points mentioned that should be considered before buying a health insurance policy for you.

  • Look for the plan that has maximum coverage

When you are choosing the best plan of health insurance policy for you, then try to choose the illness plan cover that gives you maximum coverage. Under the maximum coverage health insurance, you will be availed with the pre and post hospitalisation expenditures, like treatment, diagnosis, and other medications. You can get many major benefits under the critical illness plan like ambulance over, organ donor, day-care treatment, dialysis, and a lot more.

  • The Total Amount of the premium

The amount that is paid at the fixed interval of days to the critical illness policy offer, to maintain the insurance policy is called the premium amount. You can get the online health insurance premium calculator and calculate your total premium amount that has to be paid to ensure any health policy. You can calculate and choose the right health insurance policy and can stay safe from unexpected loss and especially the expenses in your hard times. By keeping in mind the right plan for you, you can secure your future.

  • Make sure the age limit for the insurance

Before buying any health policy for yourself or your loved ones, make sure that you should be aware of the maximum age limit of renewal of the plan. Many health policies have a decided specific age limit for the insurance and some plans have an age limit of up to 60 years. There is also a health insurance plan for the senior citizens that are offered by the care health insurance to keep them safe and lead a healthy life.

  • Consider your family conditions and your present situation

Before buying this insurance or just like finding for the best maid insurance Singapore, first, analyse your family conditions, that if there are many people in the family depending on you then you should buy and ensure the plan that provides maximum coverage to you. If you have any senior citizens in your family then you need to have a plan that gives you maximum coverage, because a sudden stroke or any critical disease may cause you and your family to suffer a lot. So better you choose a plan that may help you out in your critical times.

  • Always keep your health conditions in mind while buying a critical illness policy

You will have serious health issues in the future depending on your present way of living. If you have a hectic day at work and spend a lot of time in stress then you may have a serious health problem ahead. Also, your habits may define whether you will need a critical health policy or not. If you do have a habit of smoking and drinking then you can face any severe health problem in future. So securing your health expenses by a health policy may help you and your family stay little calm with the expenses in such a hard time.

  • Don’t be dependent on your present income

 If you are earning enough these days that doesn’t mean that you will always be able to have some profit and earnings in future. It is good to collect a small amount for your health from your income. But if you buy health insurance then, it increases and the deposits you make may also give you several other benefits for your future health-related issue. Suffering physically and mentally together may be extremely harassing for you and especially when you are the sole member of the family who earns. So spending a little amount and getting a good amount for your health in future.


We all are so stressed about our future and health. So being careful and concerned about your health is a good thing but none of us has any idea about when and how a medical emergency can arise. You can buy a critical health insurance policy for yourself and your family. It may help you in your difficult times or at least reduces the burden of expenses in your life. In this article, you will get to know about the thing that should be kept in mind while you get critical health insurance for you or your loved ones.