2021 Genesis G90 – The Car that Attracts Attention of Every Passerby

Whenever a luxury passes down a road, it somewhat attracts the attention of every passerby. From luxury cars’ elegance to styling, finishing, and more; everything is aesthetically pleasing for people. One of the cars that have made a name for itself in luxury category is Genesis G90. It has unique headlights and other features that make this vehicle attract attention of people nearby. With the arrival of new 2021 Genesis G90, people have started booking it from Genesis dealership.

The question is why this car attracts the attention of every passerby and the answer is given below.


The exterior look of Genesis G90 is one of the reasons for this car to be a show stealer. Its elongated body in a sedan style built with superior materials makes it jaw dropping. Moreover, the glossy color finish along with providing attention to minute details from this company has made this car quite fetching. Also, its unique headlamp that has horizontal bars striking through it till it reaches wheel arch on front makes it stand apart from all.

All these are the reason that it catches the attention of nearby people. However, this is not all!

Interior design

Even the interior made by Genesis increases it rate of attraction. It offers people a rich feeling as it is trimmed in suede, wood, brushed metal, and nappa leather. It is far better than its rivals as it offers cooled and heated seats, rear sunshade that is power operated, head-up display, etc. which the competitors don’t even equip after costing more than 2021 G90 model.

Furthermore, being a luxury sedan, it has ample space of the rear where plush seats make the ride even more comfortable. Also, its sufficient trunk size is more than enough to hold ample luggage.

Power behind 2021 G90

The base model is equipped with V6 turbocharged 3.3L engine that produces 365 horsepower but it matches acceleration of the optional more powerful engine that is V8 5L one that generates 420 hp. Both engines are mated with automatic eight-speed responsive transmission and drivetrain available is AWD or rear wheel drive.

Its cushiness and quietness reign supreme. Riding on it is like sleeping on a soft pillow and it aids in imparting a serene aspect by smoothing out any rough road. Also, the light as well as precise steering makes this the best ride ever for a person. To know more about engine details and performance contact a Genesis dealer instantly.

Price of 2021 G90

Though, it offers so much and falls under the luxury car segment, the starting price of G90 $73,975, which is the 3.3T Premium model. The higher end option is the 5L Ultimate that is priced at $77,725. Many opt for the 5L Ultimate model, but if one doesn’t feel like spending that much 3.3T Premium is more than enough.

So, choose any one of the model and cruise through the street and you will definitely enjoy the glance your 2021 Genesis G90 will steal from all the bystanders.