Why is ‘online astrology’ high in demand nowadays?

During the lockdown in the covid-19 pandemic, most people found different ways to keep themselves entertained with several online activities like playing games, cooking with the help of an online recipe, Instagramming and many more. Besides that, one activity that is not talked about very frequently, i.e., Astrology.

Astrology is an ancient concept, but with digitalisation and a lockdown, people were forced to move towards online astrologer app(s). People started interacting with online astrologers and accessing an astrologer app or a website to learn about their future after the corona outbreak.

Astrology is an ancient craft that was first practised by the Babylonians and is currently experiencing a resurgence. The New Age spirituality associated with astrological practices is becoming more popular among young people. The astrology industry had a meteoric rise towards the end of 2020 as an increasing number of people experimented with horoscopes and the skill of starcraft to learn what their destinies promised. Even prior to the outbreak, the internet astrology sector had started showing signs of future growth.

Ever more people are turning to the position of stars and planets for answers as their lives become more unstable. One can also believe that astrologers have a backlog of booked appointments due to the insane demand for their services.

A thriving and persistent trend

Google Trends searches for “astrology” and “sun signs” reaching a new peak in 2021 are evidence of the public’s increased attraction to the subject. A collection of individuals composed mainly of millennials and people of Generation X are paying greater attention to astrology these days.

According to 1982 research by psychologist Graham Tyson, many people use astrology as a way to reduce stress when they are faced with stressful situations. Individuals are now eager to interact and find comfort through spiritual ways in these unprecedented times. Despite the fact that astrology has always had a stigma associated with it, the practice is steadily becoming more popular online.

Looking for comfort in the stars

Astrology is a subject of fascination, a tool for introspection, and a way for many people to put their thoughts and troubles into perspective as part of something bigger than themselves. Whether or not one “believes” in it may be somewhat beside the topic. It makes sense, however, that many individuals use astrological jargon in guidance and counselling to explain things like a partner’s emotional instability as being caused by a Gemini moon or a huge job shift as being caused by their Saturn arrival.

A booming number of astrologer app

Throughout the pandemic, astrology business owners and organisations have experienced steady growth.

As an example, the Co-Star astrologer app in April 2021 received $5 million in Series A financing. The app has over $20 million astounding downloads and attempts to provide its customers with tailored horoscopes by using NASA information with AI.

Similar to that, in May of this year, the mobile-only astrology app Sanctuary acquired $3 million in a seed round. The app is designed to provide users with astrology chat where they offer spiritual direction through daily horoscopes and individualised astrology readings from qualified astrologers. Additionally, Sanctuary gives customers access to the “ask astrologer” feature, where you can get psychic and tarot reading astrology services on demand.

Numerous astrology firms profited from the COVID-19 pandemic, which witnessed a surge in demand from those looking for enlightenment to calm their nerves during the chaos.

Individualised one-on-one astrology reading sessions are in high demand.

Customers who need personal questions about astrology resolved are more willing to pay more for in-person sessions with experienced readers. Customers can receive individualised counsel based on their circumstances and discuss their views in a safe environment with an astrology chat.

According to a Pew Research Centre study, six out of ten Americans hold one of the “New Age” philosophies, such as rebirth, horoscope, psychic powers, or spiritual existence. The pandemic has undoubtedly restored public belief in the cosmos as a source of knowledge. Online astrology aims to give people assurance and clarity about their futures, whether they are looking for consistency in life or fulfilment in their relationships.


As the concept of astrology is becoming more popular on social media platforms, people can’t help but get involved and interested in this ancient practice. The astrology industry is observing positive developments. Undoubtedly, the trend toward internet astrology will not really be slowing down in the near future.