Top young filmmaker story in India

South Indian movies are becoming popular among movie lovers these days. However, not everyone prefers to spend money every weekend visiting theaters. However, the streaming market has exploded in India in the last few years. Now, you can watch Telugu movies onlinewith plenty of choices. Tons of new movies in Telugu are released every year, which you can watch online at your home for free. One of the must-watch movies in Telugu is- And the Oscar Goes to.

The movie is about a Kannur-native who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. IssakEbrahim, the lead character of the movie, quit his work as a Television writer and enters the world of cinema, which he always wanted to. Unable to find a producer for his movie, he planned to direct and produce his first movie himself, which was based on the life of his native, Moidukka. Due to the short supply of funds, he had to mortgage his land, which he received as a share of his family’s property. With his relative’s and friends’ help, he raised funds for his debut movie, Sky of the Fireflies. Though he had no connections with anyone in the film industry, many artists and technicians were driven by his sincerity and quality script. He completed his movie with actor Aravindan and cinematographer Shivakumar. Eventually, his movie won the national award for best movie. Later his movie was submitted by India to nominate the Best Foreign Language Film for Oscar, but it did not show up on the final list. Issak had to face humiliation in LA from the PR agent hired by him because he could not pay her to attend the guests to marketing his movie for Oscar. Based on his experiences in LA, Issak completed his new film’s story And the Oscar Goes To and returned to India.

The OTT platform has made it easier to observe movies online and spend quality time with families during the pandemic. The craze of OTT among the people has increased to such an extent that the show business prefers launching new movies. From high-action drama to thriller stories, you’ll explore the newest films here. 2020 was a not-so-good year for the entire nation due to the COVID-19. But the year still managed many movie lovers and individuals to watch some of the best Telugu films of all time. Telugu cinema is well-known across India for its number of movies releasing within a year and massive budgets. Among various movie lovers, South Indian movies are now becoming more popular. Since the content of Telugu movies is of high quality and more engaging, that makes it more favorable to watch among the viewers.

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