To watch all the presentation in one slide.

In order to apply the subsequent procedure, you’ll want PowerPoint 2007 or a later model and Windows Explorer need to be set in order that it indicates report names with extensions (see the subsequent segment if extensions aren’t displayed).

To extract photo or view all image or documents from a PowerPoint deck:

  • In Fie Explorer or Windows Explorer, pick the presentation (it needs to have a .pptx extension) with the snap shots you desire to extract.
  • Right-click on and pick Copy or press Ctrl + C.
  • Right-click on and pick Paste or press Ctrl + V.
  • Right-click on the reproduction of the presentation and pick Rename.
  • Change the record extension from .pptx to .zip (Windows should be set to show record extensions).
  • Press Enter. A conversation field seems caution you that the record may also emerge as unusable in case you extrude the extension.
  • Click yes to continue. The record icon adjustments to a folder icon.
  • Double-click on the zipped folder. The zipped folder includes a couple of folders (a few comprise statistics inclusive of XML code or properties).
  • Double-click on the pptx folder.
  • Double-click on the media folder to view image, video and audio documents. Each record is given a familiar name.
  • Copy those documents (or the whole folder) to some other place to be used in different displays and to rename the documents. Copying to some other place will unzip the documents. You also can click on the Extract button in Windows Explorer to extract the documents to some other place.

Why Use PowerPoint and What is it used for? 

PowerPoint turned into created with the aid of using Robert Gaskins, who in the beginning designed PowerPoint for Mac. However, Microsoft later obtained the app and made it part of its Office suite. If you’re considering what PowerPoint is used for, then you definitely need to be a newbie. 

But be troubled not, we can manual you via its reason and uses. Robert Gaskins posted this PowerPoint History net web page containing a completely exciting examine for folks who are curious approximately PowerPoint History. The listing consists of numerous unpublished files and PDFs approximately PowerPoint because its inception.

Creating Slides for a Presentation 

The first aspect you want to apprehend approximately PowerPoint as a beginner is the idea of slides. Slide are like a clean document which affords your thoughts within side the shape of text, pics, charts and animations. The first slide is the only which introduces the subject of the presentation that is observed with the aid of using a little by little series which has a particular begin and a conclusion (the ending).