Tips to Maintain a Refinished Bath

Bathtubs are regularly used. Hence, deep cleaning can be effective. Refinishing a bathtub will tempt you to use the tub and develop a fear of damaging the look. It is easy to maintain a refinished bath with simple tricks.

No matter how attractive your tub looks after refinishing, waiting a minimum of forty-eight hours is a primary requirement. However, it is best if you can wait at least a week. Since every house’s room temperature is different, it is safe to give it a long time to settle. It will positively keep the refinished bath long-lasting.

How Do You Clean a Bath after Refinishing?

There is no such dos and don’ts when you are cleaning your refinished bathtub. You can clean it the way you used to clean your regular tub. The coating that is used while refinishing is designed to tolerate any cleaners. However, it is best to avoid scouring pads and steel wool. Since your surface of the tub will be smooth, wiping won’t be an issue.

Tips To Maintain Your bathtub after Refinishing.

It is important to know how to keep your bathtub clean and damage-free after an expensive refinishing. Although it’s long-lasting, yet some extra precautionary measures wouldn’t harm. Hence, here are some tips for maintaining your refinished bathroom.

Avoid using non-slip mats or add stickers.

There are special non-slip coatings available that you can discuss with your service provider and apply while refinishing your bath. However, the non-slip mats and stickers cause damage to the suction caps, making the tub impossible to clean.

Avoid Using Stripping Chemicals on Your Tub

The most obvious way to resist damaging your newly refinished bathtub is by avoiding any stripping chemicals. Often people use chemicals to clean something stuck to your tub. In such cases, it is important to make sure not to use chemicals as it may take off the coat.

Keep Your Tub Clean

The tub’s frequent cleaning will help you use minimum scrubbing and prevent any dirt, soap, or grime from getting attached to the tub. You can keep the tub clean and tidy and maintain your refinished tub.

Avoid Dropping Heavy Objects On Your Tub

There are various tools that people use in bathrooms, like crowbars, hammers, and other devices. It is important to keep these tools at a safe distance from the bathtub. In case of an accidental drop of heavy objects, the coating can get damaged.

Caulking Around a Refinished Bathtub

People often refinish the bathtub and its surrounding tiles, which makes them free of worry about Caulking. However, if you have only refinished your tub, you might need to redo the caulk line between the tub and tile.

You can easily do it at home by removing the old Caulking surrounding the tub. Next, fill the tub with water as the weight will help it to sink slightly. Now add the bathroom caulk around the tub and remove the excess. Please wait for it to dry out until your next bath.

Usually, a bathroom needs caulking every five years. However, if the tub shrinks after the first application, you need to apply another Caulking layer.


Follow the simple steps and keep your newly refinished bath intact for a long time.