The 4 Biggest Troubles Of Termite Infestation For You & Your Home!

When it comes to pests, we often think of cockroaches, mosquitoes and rats. For many, termites may seem like harmless flying ants – that are sometimes mildly annoying. They don’t bite – they look less creepy and off-putting. However, they can be a significant problem and a threat to our homes when they are in large numbers.

While you might have thought about getting rat and cockroach pest control in Singapore, there are reasons why seeing a termite in your home would require strict control measures. Here are reasons why termites can be huge trouble for you and your home:

Poses health risks

While, unlike cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes, termites do not carry harmful and sometimes lethal diseases like food poisoning or dengue fever. However, termites still pose health risks by causing an allergic reaction to people with a compromised immune system. If you spot termites at your work, consider calling commercial pest control services.

Causes structural damage

There’s a reason why termite control in Singapore is popular among households. Termites are very notorious for causing structural instability and damage. Mostly, hundreds up to thousands of homes are affected by termite infestation. Termites can chew down certain materials, such as wood – damaging the structural foundation, which can cost untold amounts of cash for repair and maintenance.

Malfunctioned doors and windows

Aside from causing structural damages, a termite infestation can cause your door frames and windows to malfunction. As long as your doors and windows are made of wood material, they will continue to feed on it and defecate, causing a build-up that can block ventilation. If you continue to spot termites, consider calling for termite pest control in Singapore for early prevention.

Causes cosmetic damages

As if damaging your door frames, windows, and structural foundations aren’t enough, termites can ruin your home aesthetically speaking. Infestations are capable of cosmetic damages by discolouration to your walls, floorings, paints, etc.

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