History of Cat-Eye Sunglasses You Should Remember

Cat-eye glasses are one of the most prominent sunglass styles that appeared almost one century ago. Each decade came with a distinctive appearance and frame changes, which was terrific for most women of that age.

After a small disappearance due to other frames that became prominent, they have returned in the sixties after Audrey Hepburn wore them in the Breakfast at Tiffanies.

Numerous celebrities started using them, including Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and other fashion influencers of that time.

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A Brief History of Cat-Eye Frames You Should Remember

  • The ’30s–Altina Schinasi decided in the mid-30s to walk in an optician’s office. She found out that there were no stylish and fashionable options available for women back in the day. However, she brought inspiration from prominent masks in Venice, Italy, which she used to createspecific frames that became known as cat-eye. Numerous opticians have turned her design down until one boutique in NYC accepted her offer.
  • The ’40s – During this particular period, cat-eye frames became highly prominent, but people referred to them as Harlequin. The most popular option features a thick edge, uplift at the sides, and small details on corners, including gold stars or others.
  • The ’50s – During the fifties, this particular frame became more pointed and narrower, which created a completely different perspective to users and wearers. It gained high popularity after Marylin Monroe started wearing them in her movies.
  • The ’60s –During this decade, cat-eye shades became oversized and more extensive compared with those back in the day that was smaller and pointed out on the top. They had reached significant popularity after the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Audrey Hepburn wore them.
  • The ’70s – After the sixties, both sunglasses and other options became more circular and more prominent compared with different decades. Therefore, cat-eye glasses featured more dramatic shapes that were modern at that moment.
  • The ’80s – The oversized trend continued and gained its momentum during the eighties, which is something you should remember before we continue. Therefore, they became extremely large and featured face-shielding metal frames, which were highly popular and perfect.
  • The ’90 – When it comes to the nineties, most celebrities and other people started wearing coloured lenses. Therefore, people used a wide array of bright colourscombined with oversized options, which became a prominent solution back in the day.
  • The 2000s – A new millennia brought even larger and oversized glasses that both celebrities and regular people wore. It was also a prominent solution for men’s eyewear, something you should remember before continuing. When it comes to cat-eye options, you should know that they featured chunky and thick frames, which bedazzling on sides to create a perfect fashion statement.You can check out wide array of Tom Ford Sunglasses that will help you determine the style you wish to wear.
  • The 2010s – Finally, in the latest decade, people started using these sunglasses style everywhere they went. Generally, the frames became smaller than before and with more geometry. Today, you can find a wide array of options, including vintage models from the latest angular options perfect for people with round faces.