Defining A Handyman and Handyman Jobs In Katy, TX

Handymen are the very definition of versatile, being able to take on a vast variety of repairs and maintenance; for many homeowners, they are the one-stop-shop for all the repair and upkeep oriented needs; however, one should keep in mind that handymen are more geared towards performing general tasks as compared to technical and specialized tasks, with that in mind, if you are a job seeker looking to make some money on the side or want a career as a repair professional, today’s article is for you. Please continue reading to get further insights into handymen, their expected services, salaries, and handyman jobs in katy, tx.

A call away

As mentioned earlier, handymen tend to be the jack of all trades and master of none, they can work on almost any issue under the sun that may need repairing or maintenance, but they can’t perform specialized work. Handymen are also expected to perform their services at a rational price and can operate individually or as part of a business/service/agency.


Handymen can cover almost every matter that may concern repair work and upkeep, and the following are some salient responsibilities that handymen are expected to carry out –

– Grouting

– Lawn mowing and grass work

– General electrical repair

– General plumbing work

– General glasswork

– Windowpane removal and installation

– Faucet fixes

– Leak fixes

– Painting of walls

– Insulation of HVAC systems

– General pipeline work

– Mold removal

– Roofing work

– Tiling work

– Installation of electrical appliances

– Installation of picture frames and artwork

– Installation of curtains and another hangable interior décor

How do I become one?

If you’re in the market for a job as a handyman to support yourself by making some extra cash on the side or whether you’re looking towards it as a career path, there are certain factors that you will need to take into consideration, and these may be as follow –

– Availability of work

– Licensing

– Client base

– Timings


If you’re looking for Handyman jobs in Katy, TX, and wish to know the salary of a handyman, the following info is for you

Yearly AVG. salary – 44,000 USD

Lowest – 30,000 USD

Highest – 70,632 USD

Being a handyman is a great way to earn on the side. If you’re looking to make some money while pursuing other work or a different job, taking up a handyman job might be the perfect solution.