Are You Afraid to Purchase Watch Hours on Your YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube Channel and want to increase your watch hours then, you need to either wait to increase the watch hours or buy watch hours. Some many online institutions or organizations can help you to buy an unexpected amount of watch hours. This purchase of watch hours will cost you but, it is a very effective way to popularize and monetize your video. The maximum the watch hour, the higher the monetary value of the video. It is almost 100% legit and legal to buy watch hour as per the policies of YouTube.

Do You Know How to Check Watch Hours on YouTube?

To check the YouTube Watch Time (in Hours), you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • If you’re a You Tuber then, Log-in to your YouTube platform.
  • Tap on the avatar enclosed in the circle upper right corner of the page.
  • To go to the backend simply click on the Creator/YouTube Studio.
  • After entering in backend page, click on the Analytics option.
  • Now click on the Watch Time (in Hours) and select the time range at the upper right corner.

Understand the Term YouTube Watch Time

The YouTube Watch Time Hours is described as the audience retention in YT Analytics, which is the overall number of hours that YouTube (YT) users watch a video. This is different from YouTube Views. The views are explained as the times your video has been watched. According to YT policy, the monetary value is awarded to that channel that has more than 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours. In YouTube, 4000 hours is different from normal watch hours like 100, 1000, and any hours less than 4000.

Why and Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Hours?

When you run a YouTube Channel then, it is very essential to get more views and watch time. And, sometimes you may get fret about not getting enough watch time or views. In that case, you should purchase watch time, and after that, the views and watch times increase exponentially. Sometimes your channel or videos will even get featured on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

And, it is very legal and legit to purchase the watch time and, it will not ban your channel. The channel is banned when the fake watch time is gained through a generator. In that case, YouTube can suspend/ terminate your channel once detected.