5 Ways to Prepare Your Belongings for Self Storage


You may need self storage one day for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re planning on relocating, trying to declutter, or not having enough space at home, self storage is a valuable and cost-effective solution for any storage problems. You’ll need to prepare your belongings if you plan on using self storage services. Following these five preparation tips ensures that your items are protected and recovered.

1. Create an Inventory List

If you’re storing many items, creating an inventory list can help you remember everything you put in the safe keeping storage. Write down each item in your boxes or containers so that you don’t miscount and accidentally write something down twice. This list will be handy when you’re finally taking everything out, so you can ensure that each item in your unit is untouched.

2. Declutter 

Before putting anything in your self storage boxes, consider decluttering all your belongings. Look through all your things and decide which you want to keep and which you want to throw away, sell, or donate. Putting your belongings in self storage is an excellent opportunity to go through your things individually and throw out anything that is no longer useful.

3. Clean All Items First

Ensuring the cleanliness of your items lessens the chance of any mould, dust, or other filth accumulating while they all sit in self storage, which can damage and wear down your items. If you’re storing furniture, wipe it down with a disinfectant first. Wash any clothing you’ll be storing as well, ensuring no moisture is left when you put them in the box.

4. Take Note of Frequently Accessed Items

If you plan on visiting your safe keeping storage facility frequently because you need something specific, keep all of them in one box that you can place near the doorway of your storage unit. Ensure you don’t stack any other containers on top of it. Doing this will give you easy access to those items, saving you the hassle of going through all your things multiple times.

5. Ask About Insurance

Many storage companies offer insurance for damaged or lost items, which can help you have peace of mind before storing your items. You can look for a storage company that provides insurance or approach your insurance provider and ask if they can cover items in storage facilities.

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