2021’s Hottest Looks Inspired by Your K-pop Idols

Any follower of k-pop and k-beauty knows that fashion is one of the most important elements to consider before your favorite stars appear on the big or small screen or on music videos. You may have noticed some trends that jumped from one group to another, and you may have wanted to try them on for yourself. With so many videos coming out and each of them showing off a different palette, do you even know where to start?

Here are some looks to play around with:

Lace and Chokers

Lace is a playful fabric that you can wear as accent or as the main outfit. There are lace shorts, tops, and dresses that you can buy from online shops. Some makeup artists even use lace to come up with creative patterns using cosmetic products online. With the fun and delicate patterns on lace, you can create ethereal elements on your makeup by using the item as a pattern. If you’re not that adventurous, don’t worry. You can still wear lace as is and it will still be as beautiful. You can also take it up a notch and add chokers for that dangerous edge to your outfit. Chokers used to be popular in the nineties, and they experienced a revival, making them fashionable again.

Playful Casuals

If you’re a fan of BTS and Stray Kids, you’ve probably seen their music videos for Go Go and Get Cool. Seventeen’s song Left and Right has the same vibe–a fun, you-only-live-once mindset that lets you take life easy and encourages you to just be yourself, no matter how kooky you feel. And that can show in your clothing as well. In their music videos, they’re seen wearing oversized outfits in all the colors of the rainbow, from bright oranges to neons and purples. If you’ve ever been afraid to wear these colors, you’re not alone. They tend to be loud and that makes them hard to wear, but if you’re going with the YOLO motto, why not try them out at least once? It’s even better if your hair is a bright color, so that you’re fully embodying the youthful theme of the songs.

The “Wet” Look

Fashion icons will always tell you they don’t leave the house with their hair wet and unkempt, but while it’s always good to look perfect, the wet look remains an iconic hairstyle because of the unbridled charm it shows. Unleash your sultry, devil-may-care attitude by wearing your hair in a slicked-back wet look and dressing up in a deep V neckline. It takes a level of confidence to pull this look off, and your hair will be the make or break element that pushes this fashion style forward. Anyone can wear revealing clothes, but not everyone can look effortless while still looking cool. If you’ve seen the darker concepts of your favorite k-pop groups, you’ll see the fierceness they channel when they’re on stage. Make that your peg and you’ll be slaying everything.

This 2021, say goodbye to your fashion fears. Let your favorite k-pop idols’ styles guide your playful and fierce personality out of the closet.