Working in an Expat Office in Kenya


An expat office in Kenya is a place where international companies and organizations send their employees to work. These expats are usually of Western descent and come from Western countries.

The first thing an expat has to do when they first arrive at an office in Kenya is get a working visa. This process takes about 10 days on average, and can be done online on the Kenyan government website, but some countries may need extra verification before they will allow their citizens to work in Kenya.

Once an expat has obtained a working visa, they can then go into the office as soon as they arrive and apply for housing via the company’s housing department. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks to set up since it requires some research about the area your future home will be located in.

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What is it like to work in an Expat Office in Kenya?

Expat offices in Kenya are where expats come together to work in an international environment.

Some challenges are inevitable when living abroad, but it can be rewarding too. There are many opportunities for expats to make connections with the local community and learn more about Kenyan culture.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of living as an expat is essential for those who want to live life on the edge.

Work Culture in Kenyan Expats Offices

The Kenyan expats office is a place where culture shock and different values and norms can be experienced and adapted to.

The specific work culture in Kenya is one that causes many difficulties for the expat who wants to adjust to it. It was found that there is a great difference between the American professional work culture and that of the Kenyan office work culture.

Leisure Activities for Expats Living and Working in Kenya

As an expat, one of the most important things you need to do is find activities that cater to your new lifestyle. This article will explore how Kenyan locals enjoy their leisure time and what kind of activities are available for expats.

Some of the most popular leisure activities for expats living in Kenya are outdoor sports like kayaking. There are also many interesting museum tours which you can take advantage of when you have a free afternoon.

Working with locals or just other Expats?

One of the major issues with working with locals is that they may not have a good understanding of what your company does. Your company’s culture might not be one that they understand. It also could be difficult to translate high level concepts when you are in a language that they don’t speak.

Some people argue that the relationship with an expat is more important than the work, and some argue that it doesn’t matter as long as you know what you are doing and stay focused on the work. But we think it really depends on your company’s goals and objectives – do you want to employ locals? Do you need someone who speaks English fluently? Will your employees work together in an office or in different countries?

Leaving your Country to Go Live and Work Overseas?

If you are thinking about leaving your country for that “new adventure abroad”, then you should know that it is not an easy decision to make. There are benefits of living abroad like getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new cultures, meeting different people and experiencing new things.

But there are also risks involved which include separating from your loved ones, struggling with the language barrier, and adapting to a different culture.