Why Choose Directional Drilling Over Anything Else?

Directional drilling in Dallas is the most efficient form of drilling for the city. With so much of the infrastructure already in place (for instance, waterways, roadways, etc.), directional drilling allows you to drill below them without any hindrance. 

Moreover, directional boring in Dallas, TX, is perfect for constructing water lines, utility lines, sewer lines, gas lines, etc. With the current directional drilling market worth around $14.95 billion, the technology and machinery used in Texas are as good as it gets. 

If you aren’t convinced, here are the top three reasons for leveraging directional boring for all your underground drilling needs. 

Top reasons to choose directional boring 

Here are the top reasons to choose directional boring over traditional deep drilling methods:

  • Cost-efficient

Without a doubt, directional drilling is a lot more cost-efficient than traditional drilling methods. If you want to replace some underground piping, you can use directional drilling since it takes much less dirt to replace once the project is over. 

Moreover, it also uses a lot less machinery, adding more points to its cost-effectiveness. It goes without saying that the lesser the amount of machinery, the lesser the cost.

  • Faster installation

Directional boring is faster. Say you go the traditional way and start digging a trench to add a piping system. Doing this will do immense damage to the ground and take a lot of time to put back together and restore. 

On the other hand, using directional drilling means that there is a need for only one pilot hole and one machine to get the piping replacement done.

  • Less disruption

As mentioned in the previous point, directional boring only requires one machine and a pilot hole. Therefore, by using a lot less, directional boring is doing a lot more. Since a lot less damage is caused to the ground, putting everything back in order is no hassle. 

Some other general advantages of opting for directional drilling over the traditional method 

As you already know, directional boring leaves a significantly lower construction footprint and damage to the ground. Damage is still done, but it can be kept to a minimum by using directional drilling. 

Another major limitation of using traditional drilling is that groundwater might come all the way to the surface. By leveraging directional drilling, you will only be causing a minimal disturbance, and only in the area that the machine is set up. If you set the machine up by the side of the road, the only disturbance caused by it will be the footprints of the locator.

But apart from this, you must understand why  directional boring is convenient:

  • Causes less groundwater pollution
  • Protects adjacent ecosystem 
  • Brings down the shoring and excavation costs considerably 
  • The operation is more safer than open cut 
  • The flow of the process is not altered by a change in weather 
  • Traffic and landscape disruption are brought down considerably 
  • Allows you to drill below infrastructure and ongoing operations 
  • Lesser soil disturbance

Wrapping up 

Traditional drilling methods can cause a lot of damage to the integrity of the soil and its surrounding ecosystem. It is time to switch to directional boring in Dallas, Texas, to cause minimal damage to the environment and keep pace with the expansion. On top of that, it is cheaper and faster!